Microsoft Reveals Their Cortana Powered Echo Competitor

And it looks a bit like the Echo, if we’re honest. The new speaker made by Microsoft and, audio maker, Harmon Kardon, is called the Invoke and it does what you expect. It can use Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, to control IoT devices, play music, etc but, of course, with […]

Crazybaby Mars Floating Speaker

Crazybaby Mars: A Floating Speaker You Can Buy Right Now (Video)

There might not be a real need for floating speakers, but damn they look cool. One of the first ones to the market is by a company called Crazybaby and it’s called the Mars. Here’s where to buy one. The name is fitting considering how flying saucer-like the floating part

LG PJ9 Floating Speaker

LG’s Incredible Floating Speaker at CES (Video)

On Dec 27th, we all caught a glimpse of LG’s super futuristic looking levitating speaker as it made its rounds across the web with the announcement it would be unveiled at CES. Funny thing happened at CES though. No major tech publication covered it. Well almost none. LG’s levitating speaker