6 Super Easy Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

There’s a lot of talk about protecting your privacy online lately (big thanks to Facebook for a good portion of that coverage). And even though it’s a buzzy topic right now, it’s not without some merit. There is more and more data being collected on you and me every day, and while advertisers are using most of it, some of it is being collected for more nefarious reasons. Because of this, I figured maybe I’d put together a quick video on how to protect your privacy online whether you’re trying to stop juggernaut companies like Facebook and Google, or hackers, …

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What is Ransomware? (& How to Prevent It)

You’ve probably heard about ransomware at some point. In case you haven’t though, Ransomware is a name given to a type of hacking attack wherein a computer is infected with a virus that encrypts all the data on a computer and then forces the computer owner to pay a sum of money in order to get their data back (your data being held for ransom essentially, hence the name). WannaCry & GandCrab: The Largest Ransomware Attacks Ever There was a huge ransomware attack that happened recently and gained international attention when hackers infected more than 250,000 computers in over 116 …

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