Doogee S90 Complete Walkthrough: A Modular Rugged Phone

Doogee is a Chinese manufacturer that has come up over and over in other publications for making some unique devices with decent specs and much lower prices. I did a video not too long ago on the Doogee S60, which I mentioned was a bit similar to in a lot of ways to the CAT S60 phone that came out right before it. Coincidence? Maybe. But that was a rugged Android phone meant for camping, offroading, construction sites, and other adventurous-type activities. One of the big differences between the CAT S60 and the Doogee S60 was the price. And that’s …

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Doogee S60 Featured

Best Rugged Phone Under $300 (Video)

I did a video a while back on the Cat S60. An android phone created with the adventurous in mind (I even ended up taking it to a certain festival in the middle of the Nevada desert to test it out). It was a great phone actually, but the price for it is about $861. So what if you just need a rugged phone but don’t want to empty the piggy bank to buy it. Maybe even be able to keep your normal, more fragile smartphone, and buy another rugged phone to just swap to when you get the urge …

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