Oculus Go Featured

Oculus Go Complete Walkthrough

Facebook just released the Oculus Go, their first ever standalone VR headset. This means no wires, no phone in your face either, just a lightweight headset with Wifi connectivity and a controller that you can use to view 360 content from. Since this is a new piece of tech that I thought was pretty interesting (and that you might also be interested in) I figured it was time to do a complete walkthrough. If you aren’t familiar a complete walkthrough is where I go through all the Oculus Go specs, features, etc. to try and give you as much info …

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Oculus Rift Unboxing

Oculus Rift Unboxing (Video)

Finally received my Oculus Rift and – as is the protocol here on the internet – that means that before I do anything with it, I need to do an unboxing. When we remove the sleeve on the outside of the box and open it, we are presented with the headset (which we’ll get to later) and the tracker. This is what you setup on a desk and it tracks the headset in realtime to reduce latency. So when your head moves what you are looking at moves at the same speed aka the difference between feeling nauseous versus present). …

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