Windows Phone

All You Need for Continuum

What is Continuum? (Video)

One of Windows Phone 10’s really great features that sets it apart from the other mobile operating systems is the new Continuum feature. This feature allows you to plug-in to a […]

Create a Gif

How to Easily Create a Gif (Video)

So I’ve shown you how to easily put gifs in your messages on your iPhone and one of my favorite keyboards for Android has a snazzy feature to insert gifs, […]

7 Best Apps for Managing Your Money

Mmmm. Money. I like money. You probably like money. (Even if you don’t want to admit it.) I don’t need a ton of extra cash, but I do like to […]

Windows Phone 10

Windows Phone 10 for Phones Preview Released Today

For those with a Windows Phone (or just those interested in seeing how Microsoft plans to attempt to lure them to the platform in the future), Microsoft has released their […]

How To Interop Unlock The Huawei Ascend W1

All apps run in a secured environment, usually referred to as the “sandbox”, and this makes sure that the running app cannot manipulate or damage the software it is running on in […]

How to Flash a ROM on the Huawei Ascend W1

Many users of the Huawei Ascend W1 haven’t even received the first GDR-update for Windows Phone 8, because the Chinese company decided to simply not roll out the update in […]

How To Apply Interop Unlock on the Samsung ATIV S

The Samsung ATIV S has been the first Windows Phone 8 device to be Interop Unlocked. What does that mean? Let’s explain. All apps run in a secured environment, usually referred […]

How to Flash a Different Stock ROM on the Samsung ATIV S

A ROM is a version of the operating system you’re running on your phone. There are many reasons to install a ROM on your phone. Either you want to remove the […]