How to Make the Apple Logo on Your iPhone Light Up Like a Macbook (iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus)

I recently did a video on how to make your iPhone logo on the back of your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus light up like a Macbook does. Now, thanks to your requests, I’ve figured out a way to do it to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

The light kits all use an exposed conductor on the back of the screen to borrow some of the power that the screen is getting to light up the small LED we’ve placed in the place of the Apple logo on the back. (No this doesn’t drain the battery in any significant way, LEDs use such little power and it’s so small grabbing such a minute amount of power off the screen’s current power).

The issue here is that the back of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus’ screen isn’t connected to the motherboard of the phone in quite the same way so the existing kit for the 6/6 Plus doesn’t fit. Thankfully though, a solution has been found and – oddly enough – the installation process is actually a bit easier than the previous kit.

Looking for the light kit for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus instead?

Here’s how to use the light kit to make the back of your iPhone 6S and 6S Plus light up like a Macbook.

Before You Begin

  1. You are doing this at your own risk and I am not responsible for your actions.
  2. This will also void your warranty if you still have one.
  3. The kits are all tested one by one before being sent out, so if you have an issue with installing it chances are it’s the installation. This is not the easiest process so please just keep that in mind before beginning.

Get the iPhone Light Kit and Tools

You can head here to purchase the light kit.

Make sure to purchase the one for your specific model of iPhone.

Install the Light Kit on the iPhone 6S/6S Plus

Once the kit arrives, here’s how to install it.

Open the Phone

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Using the provided pentalobe screwdriver from the kit, unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the phone on either sides of the charging port.
  3. Using the suction cup from the kit, put it on the lowest part of the screen you can and pull up on it. This will create a small gap under the screen at the bottom of the phone. Put the pry tool into that gap and slowly turn it to separate the screen from the casing.
    Pry Up the Screen
  4. Once it is separated, pull the screen back to 90 degrees (don’t go past that as it’ll break the cables that are holding the phone to the motherboard.

Remove the Screen (OPTIONAL)

Since so many people had issues with their screens that were due to improperly reconnecting them to the motherboard, I’m doing this tutorial without removing the screen as I think it’s worth the risk to do it that way instead. If you would like to remove the screen and are confident with putting it back then here’s how:

  1. Unscrew the screws holding down the metal plate over the screen’s cables and set these aside. I use a white piece of printer paper and put everything down so I know exactly where it goes back (some of the screws are slightly different sizes so keep that in mind)
    Keeping Track of the Screws
  2. Remove the metal plate and set that aside as well.
  3. Using the pry tool or your fingernail, disconnect the cables and then the screen will disconnect and you can set that aside.

  1. Remove the screws holding down the metal plate near the bottom right of the device that is over the cable connecting the battery.
  2. Remove the metal plate and set that next to the screws.
  3. Disconnect the battery by pulling the two black tabs at the bottom of the battery directly out (as in down towards the charging port of the phone) until you pull the glue out from under the battery (think of it like a Command hook removal if you’re familiar with those).
    Pull the Glue Tabs
  4. Using the plastic pry tool, slowly pry up the battery and try not to puncture the battery, if you do you can buy another replacement relatively cheap from here.
  5. Once you finally do that (again, be patient, it’ll take a while), remove the battery and set it aside.
  6. Using the pick or your fingernail, remove the two pieces of tape holding down the metal Apple logo under the battery.
  7. Using one of the screwdrivers, pry up the edges of the metal logo bit by bit until you can peel it away. Set this aside as we can reinstall this if we ever want to undo the light kit.
    Pry Up the Logo

Connecting the Light Kit

  1. Insert the light kit so that the LED is placed into the new Apple shaped hole left by the metal logo. Make sure it’s snug.
  2. Put the two pieces of tape we removed earlier back on to just help hold it down.
  3. Pull the small piece of electrical tape on the left side of the earpiece to reveal the conductor we will use to connect the LED to.
  4. Slide the top of the LED under the metal plate on the back of the screen (I go in diagonally as I find that’s easier than straight in).
    LED Under Metal
  5. With the top of the LED still under the metal, slide it so that it fits up against the earpiece and is completely covering the metal conductor so that you can see the conductor through the LED connector.
  6. Take the two included pieces of sponge and place them on top of one another to create a thicker sponge.
  7. Place this new thicker sponge on the back of the LED connector so it completely covers it.
    Sponge on the LED
  8. Take one of the included pieces of electrical tape and place it over the back of the sponges so that it firmly holds them down by taping one side to the back of the screen and the other to the raised metal part of the earpiece section. Make sure to tape one side down first then pull it taught over to the other side. We need all the pressure we can get to hold the LED firmly down on the back of the screen.
  9. Take the other small piece of electrical tape that is included and place that across the top of the LED connector so that it is all covered and, again, make sure it is snug.
    Electrical Tape

Reconnect the Screen (if you removed it)

At this point, we need to reconnect the screen if you removed it in the steps above.

  1. Reconnect the cables from the screen to the motherboard.
  2. Replace the metal plate on top of them and screw that back down.

Replace the Battery

  1. Set the battery back inside the phone.
  2. Reconnect it to the motherboard.
  3. Place the metal plate back on top and screw it back down.
    Metal Plate for Battery

Close the Phone Back Up

  1. Put the screen back down and carefully and slowly press on the sides to snap it back into the casing (be careful not to crack the screen).
  2. Put the two screws back into the bottom of the device to close it back up.
  3. Turn on the phone and check to see that the Apple logo lights up. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen on the phone to change the brightness of the LED as well.
    iPhone 6S LED

Enjoy! Let me know if it worked for you below in the comments!


Here’s a video that might help those with issues getting it to light up!

Issue #1: I broke the battery while trying to remove it.

Solution: Again, this has also happened to me when I’ve gotten a little too impatient with the glue. If this happens, just order a new one from here. They aren’t expensive but it just means you have to wait until the battery arrives before you can use the phone, of course.

Issue #2: There are lines all over my screen what do I do?!

Solution: The cable isn’t on correctly when you removed and put the screen back. Check this video out for help.

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  • Tài Nguyễn

    Ok, So after a few hours of trying to get the LED to work. I ripped the conductor on the screen which the led is supposed to connect to. And I also ripped the front camera and sensor cable. Now the screen is pitch black even though the phone is still working. How do I fix this?

    • Graham Werle

      I ended up keeping my 6s plus with no cams working, bought a regular 6s to use for right now.

      • Tài Nguyễn

        Sorry to hear that, i ordered the cables for sensor and camera a moment ago, it cost about $24 on amazon, don’t know if it will work for the camera though. There’s still the screen to fix.

  • Hidayat

    I ripped part of my battery trying to pry it out. Installation went smoothly and the logo lights up. Everything seemed to be ok, but now my battery drains out way faster than usual. I believed it is not because of the light but because of the faulty battery. I need a new battery now, but your link to get the replacement battery is not working. 🙁

  • Roberto Chavira

    The light is working BUT! I really don’t know why but my ear speaker isn’t working anymore!!! Did anyone get this problem? How do I solve it?

    • So sorry to hear you are having issues with the installation! It isn’t the easiest, as you were warned. The LED itself cannot cause most issues as it is simply a copper wire with a light on the end, the issue itself is usually with a mistake in the installation. Let’s narrow down the issue though and see how to fix it.

      First, disconnect the kit from the back of the screen (no need to fully remove it, we’re just testing something) and turn on the phone and see if the issue is gone. If so then the issue is being caused by the LED being on too tight or it is not on straight and is allowing some electricity to escape. Reposition it and see if you can get it to fix the issue.

      If that didn’t solve the issue than it is most likely due to either you bending back the screen too far and hurting/ripping the cables connecting the screen to the motherboard or a cable under the battery is damaged from you slipping with the screwdriver while trying to remove the metal logo.

      In either case, first unscrew the metal bracket holding down the cables for the screen to the motherboard, disconnect them and reconnect them and see if that helps.

      If not, then simply check online ( or are great places) and find the part that is broken along with the replacement cables. Luckily most of these parts are quite inexpensive and you can easily replace them yourself.

      If all else fails, bring it to a local repair shop :/

      Sorry again you are having such trouble but hopefully it won’t be too hard to solve.

  • Garrett Freeman

    Whenever the light turns on (phone still opened up), the left side of the screen dims. The front speaker and camera still work, so the cables aren’t damaged. As soon as I disconnect the connector for the LED, the screen goes back to normal. Any fixes?

    • That usually has to do with there either being too much pressure from the LED connector on the back of the screen or from it just not being connected well. Just undo the LED and reconnect it with a bit less pressure (but of course still enough to get it to light).

      • Garrett Freeman

        Thank you for the response. I’ll make sure to try that after I replace the cable for the speaker/camera (mistakes were made)

        • Ha, no worries, it happens lol Good luck!

          • Garrett Freeman

            Works like a charm now! I have noticed a *slight* decrease in battery life, but I work from my phone so my screen is constantly on. I can still easily get a full day’s use out of it though. 10/10 for this mod!

          • So glad you got it to work! Thanks so much!

  • Roberto Chavira

    So I installed one in my iPhone 6s Plus and it was working fine, 3 weeks since I installed and out of no where half of my screen dimmed and my apple logo stopped lighting up. I tried fixing it and I wasn’t able to make the apple logo light up not my screen ever turn back no normal! So now I’m stuck with a messed up screen and an apple logo that doesn’t light up! I installed one on my phone and my friends iPhone 6s Plus and both phones got messed up! I also installed one on an iPhone 6 Plus and no problems! I believe it’s the iPhone 6s Plus kits!

    • It’s not the kit, unfortunately, it’s your installation.

      That can happen if you either messed up the connectors attaching the screen to the motherboard or hurt the battery. Essentially your screen is not getting enough power (hence the screen being dimmed and the light not lighting). The kit cannot cause this as it is simply a copper wire and small LED.

      Here’s how you can check:
      1. Disconnect the LED from the back of the screen (no need to remove the logo just disconnect it from the power source: the screen conductor).
      2. Turn it back on and see if it persists. I imagine the issues will still be happening and then you’ll know it isn’t the kit, it’s the things mentioned above.

      After that, disconnect the cables connecting the screen to the motherboard and reconnect them to see if you can fix it that way, if that doesn’t work, you can check the battery for any major dents or rips.

      You can get replacement cables for screen and spare batteries from Amazon here. They’re very inexpensive and easy to install. Otherwise, you can just bring it to a local repair shop (don’t bring it to Apple they’ll charge a ton, just Yelp a local place that does repairs with good ratings).

      Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  • Guten Morgen

    I cant take off the screen, its glued to the phone.

    • They’re all stuck on the same way. If you can’t get it off with the pry tools, try something sharper like a razor, just be careful and don’t cut yourself!

  • Erwan Dre
    • Working on making a kit for it as we speak! Soon as I can confirm it works well I’ll do a video on it! Stay tuned!

  • Matthieu Morin

    Hi David and everyone, just received mine today, everything lights up perfectly, although I’d like to add a personal tip.
    Everything went pretty well, even manipulating an iPhone for the first time seems scary well, the steps when well.
    Only thing which wasn’t specifically mentioned and got me stuck a bit is the lower part. The tricky thing was managing to put this thing somewhere in the phone. Because either I could crush it or it was interfering with something that was killing the backlight (not the screen itself, strangely). So pay attention, try to fit it somewhere it won’t do any harm.

  • Matthieu Morin

    Hi David and everyone, just received mine today, everything lights up perfectly, although I’d like to add a personal tip.
    Everything went pretty well, even manipulating an iPhone for the first time seems scary well, the steps when well.
    Only thing which wasn’t specifically mentioned and got me stuck a bit is the lower part. The tricky thing was managing to put this thing somewhere in the phone. Because either I could crush it or it was interfering with something that was killing the backlight (not the screen itself, strangely). So pay attention, try to fit it somewhere it won’t do any harm.

  • Bryan Choisser Sō’zh-er

    If the battery is broke. Will the phone still power on from wall charger? I’m just troubleshooting. Thanks.

    • No it won’t. Needs the battery to turn on at all.

      • Bryan Choisser Sō’zh-er

        Thank you for the reply. I got a replacement battery and I was able to power on. Unfortunately, the light still won’t turn on after installation. I’ve taken the tape (which connects to the screen connector) off several times and made sure the alignment was good (7 connections to the light kit where only 3 are used). Could there be a faulty LED kit? Just wondering since I’ve tried to adjust the light kit with power on and adjusting (as a last case measure before even commenting on here). Thank you again!

        • You might have fried it. Use the contact form on the page below and give me the order number, iPhone model you have and color of the kit and I’ll get you a replacement.

          • Bryan Choisser Sō’zh-er

            Thank you, again David! I forgot to mention the color in the contact form. It was the white color.

  • Samir Leal

    Hello, I’ve received the led apple logo, fully installed it with 0 damage to the phone or battery, I’ve removed and reinstalled it 4 times now added more padding then removed the extra sponge pads also, but the light does not turn on, everything else works fine. Not sure what it could be… any ideas?

    • You might have fried it. Please use the contact form on this page and I’ll get you a replacement –