Amazing Gadget That Lets You Drink Wine Without Opening the Bottle (Video)

Corks. Originally a great cheap way to keep air out of a wine bottle, which they, to this day, still do a great job of. The one thing they aren’t great at? Resealing the wine.

Generally when you pop the cork on a wine bottle, you’re making a commitment to that bottle to finish it. And while, a lot of the time the about 5 glasses of wine in that bottle aren’t an issue, what if you just want one? Or what if you have friends over and each person hates the wine the other people like and would rather drink something else?

Coravin is aiming to solve this problem with a pretty clever gadget by the same name.

How the Coravin Works

The Coravin allows you to pour wines by the glass without popping the cork. To do this, you place the Coravin on the wine bottle, and push down on the top to get the very thin needle to go through the cork.


Now, in order for wine to come out it needs to have some type of air go into the bottle as per how physics works basically, but if you let in outside air the oxygen in the air would begin to ruin the wine (just like what happens when you remove the cork). Instead, when you push down on the lever, the Coravin injects a small amount of argon gas from tiny canisters you buy for the system and that allows some of the wine to come out. You simply continue to press the lever down to get more wine.

When done, you pull the Coravin off and because of how tiny the needle is and the cork’s own natural elasticity, the cork reseals itself and you’re all set.

Why It’s Amazing

Beyond the mentioned scenarios, I’ve even seen restaurants use it to be able to serve wines by the glass that are extremely expensive and wouldn’t be ordered enough to warrant opening the bottle and ruining the rest of the wine. Even reps from those vineyards with the expensive wine use it to allow the sommeliers or restaurant owners a taste of the wine to help them decide if they want to carry it without having to open the bottle.

Coravin No Leak

Coravin originally sold one model of this device but now has a few different ones with slightly different bells and whistles on them based on price range. The least expensive of which is $199 and called the Model One and the most expensive is the Model Two Elite. The mid-range model is the Model Eight (no I have no idea how they went one, eight, two).

If you want to learn more, you can check out all of them here.

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