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Best iPhone Camera Accessories

6 Best Camera Accessories for the iPhone You Should Check Out

For the average user out shooting selfies on the weekend, the iPhone’s built-in camera does everything they need and then some. When you are ready to move up to the next level, your existing iPhone has the capability to capture […]

News Apps

6 Best News Apps for iPhone You Should Try Now

According to 2015 Pew research, 68 percent of Americans use their phones to follow breaking news, and that trend’s growing. We live in a smartphone-dependent society, and that handheld device has completely transformed how the people consume content and follow […]

Best Camera Apps

6 Best Camera Apps for Android You Need to Try

Whether you’re snapping candid photos of the kids or capturing panoramas from your trip of a lifetime, having a good camera at hand will ensure you get the best results. For many of us, that camera exists on our mobile […]


How to Root the Motorola Moto G4 & Moto G4 Plus

Two new phones have recently been launched in the G series phones by Motorola and these new phones are called – Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus – successor to the last year’s G series phone. Motorola’s Moto G series […]

Root Samsung Galaxy Star PRO

How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Star PRO

If you don’t want to shell out thousands of dollarsĀ for an Android phone, the Samsungs Galaxy Star PRO might be a good alternative. Successor to the original Samsung Galaxy Star, the Star PRO offers enhanced features and a little larger […]

Motorola Moto X Play

How to Remove the Bootloader Unlocked Warning on the Moto X Play

Once the bootloader on the Motorola Moto X Play gets unlocked, it’ll keep showing the bootloader unlocked warning message whenever you reboot the device. In some cases, it’ll even show you the message when the fact is that the bootloader […]

Custom ROMs

Beginner’s Guide to Custom ROMs, Kernels, & Recoveries

Common users of phones, tablets and other smart devices running the Android operating system may have heard of rooting,which is often compared to jailbreaking on Apple devices. Find out all you need to know (all the basics, anyway) about advanced […]

How to Customize App Folders on your Home Screen Using TinyGrid+ (Video)

On your quest to customize the look and feel of your iDevice, TinyGrid+ should be on your list of tweaks to check out. It’s a simple, $0.99 tweak that lets you customize the density of a folder’s white background on […]

How to Stop the Low Battery Alert in iOS 7 (Video)

The friendly reminder that pops up at 20, 15, 10 and 5% battery levels is helpful, but there have been several instances when it brusquely interrupts a Netflix streaming session. I understand it’s in our best interest to plug in […]

How to Add a Rising Bar Clock to your Lock Screen in iOS 7 (Video)

Your iPhone is cool, but there are times when it feels as if you’re some sort of iLemming as almost everyone’s iPhone looks and feels the same. To deviate from the iHerd, download iOS7 Rising Bars Cydget to get a […]

How to Change the Color of the Icon Badges in iOS 7 (Video)

If you have enough of them, the red icon badges can clutter your home screen. Sure, you can turn them off, but they’re also useful, so there must be some sort of compromise. Indeed, you’ll find this compromise with the […]

How to Get a Circular Battery Symbol in iOS 7 (Video)

The battery symbol that shows how much power we have left is the same in almost every device, Apple or not. So why not change it up a bit? CircularBattery is a great little tweak that turns your battery symbol […]

How to Make your Keyboard Color Blue in iOS 7 (Video)

It’s free, so why not? And the blue color actually looks like “iOS 7 Blue,” so it looks great, too. Considering the name of this tweak is BlueBoard, blue is the only color available. You can change the background color […]

How to See ETA for Installing Apps in iOS 7 (Video)

Ever wondered how quickly your device downloads an app from the App Store? SmartviperE75 did, and he developed a tweak that lets you monitor the progress and details of a downloading app. For $0.99, you can double tap a downloading […]

How to Easily Switch Between Languages in iOS 7 (Video)

The number of people who speak multiple languages is , and if you’re one of those people, you might also text and write emails in multiple languages, which you can enable for your keyboard in iOS7. However, it’s a little […]