How to Fix a WearOS Watch Not Staying Connected to a Huawei Phone

I was getting pretty frustrated with my new WearOS watch (the Fossil Watch Gen 5 for those curious) would just keep disconnecting from my Huawei P30 Pro. It connects during the setup process but then after a while, the watch […]

How to Turn Off the Apple Watch Stand Notifications

Word on the street is that “sitting is the new smoking,” and one needn’t look further than Brian Wilson’s bedridden years to find some validation in this aphorism. If only there had been some kind of system in place to encourage Wilson to stand […]

Apple Watch Clear Notifications

How to Dismiss All Notifications on the Apple Watch

I’ll be honest, I accidentally figured out how to do this when I literally got frustrated with removing notifications one by one on the Apple Watch. I tapped the screen a bit too hard and viola, an option for dismissing […]

Update the Apple Watch

How to Update the Apple Watch

Apple released their first OS update to the Apple Watch today with performance enhancements and support for the new emojis, but, since this is a new device, maybe you’re not quite sure how to update it. Just like with the […]