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Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 Complete Walkthrough: The Apple Watch Design Has Matured

Alongside the new iPhones, Apple launched a new Apple Watch. The Series 4 Apple watch is turning out to be the biggest change in design to the lineup since it […]

How to Turn Off the Apple Watch Stand Notifications

Word on the street is that “sitting is the new smoking,” and one needn’t look further than Brian Wilson’s bedridden years to find some validation in this aphorism. If only there had been […]

7 Best Apple Watch Games

In all our wildest dreams of future technologies, who would’ve guessed that we’d remain beholden to our damn tamagotchi pets?! It’s 2015 and according to Back to the Future II, we’re already knee […]

Apple Watch Walkthrough

Video: Apple Watch Complete Walkthrough

Apple recently started shipping their latest gotta-have-it device this month, the Apple Watch. Given the entirely new nature of the device (see: iPhone on your wrist, sorta?), people – understandably – have […]

Apple Watch Clear Notifications

How to Dismiss All Notifications on the Apple Watch

I’ll be honest, I accidentally figured out how to do this when I literally got frustrated with removing notifications one by one on the Apple Watch. I tapped the screen […]

Update the Apple Watch

How to Update the Apple Watch

Apple released their first OS update to the Apple Watch today with performance enhancements and support for the new emojis, but, since this is a new device, maybe you’re not […]

Apple Watch Unboxing

Apple Watch Unboxing (Video)

I know it’s been out a while, but, considering most people won’t get their Apple Watch until June (thanks, Apple!) and I just received mine, I figured there might still […]

How to Take (and Make) Calls on Your Apple Watch

Let’s say you’re at home, binging on the last season of Game of Thrones and somehow your iPhone managed to slither its way deep under the couch cushion. Relegated to the very bowels […]

How to Set Up and Pair Apple Watch with Your iPhone

While the Apple Watch houses amazing components and features all on its own, it still requires being paired to an iPhone in order to work. How to Pair the Apple Watch Keep reading to […]