Switch to Instagram Creator Profile

Instagram Creator Profile vs. Business Profile

I logged in to my Instagram profile today on a new phone (we can’t talk about the phone just yet, but videos coming soon ­čÖé ) and was greeted by a small popup asking me if I wanted to switch to the new “Creator Profile”? Now, like most “creators,” I have always used the Business Profile option for my Instagram account since, unlike the only other option, the Personal Profile, it has some analytics available to allow you to optimize content, engage with users, and, well, treat it more like a business. It seems though that Instagram wants to change …

Instagram Creator Profile vs. Business Profile

Read Receipts

How to Turn off Read Receipts on All Your Social Networks

There’s one feature on a lot of messaging apps that’s one main feature is to basically get you in trouble: read receipts. While it’s great to be able to know if the person you’re talking to has read your messages, it’s never a benefit to you for others to know this. “He┬áclearly saw the message! Why hasn’t he responded?!” It’s because of sentences like the above, that most people I know have read receipts off on all their supported apps (except maybe my mom). And, sure, while not everyone receiving messages from you will say things like the above, I …

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Tap Save

How to Download Other People’s Instagram Stories (iOS/Android)

So I’m not sure I can think of a why you’d want to download someone else’s story necessarily. Maybe you’re a big fan of someone and want a keepsake? I don’t know. But I did think it was super interesting that you even could save someone’s story so figured I’d do a quick tutorial on how to do that for anyone who has a reason to or just wants to see how it’s done. Essentially, we’re going to use one of two apps, one for iOS and one for Android. How to Download Instagram Stories on iOS First up, iOS …

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Zuck Goes Live

How to Disable Live Notifications

OK, so the live craze is great and all. I love the idea of using live video on social to show something that might be important to show in the moment: news, an event, an announcement, hell, even a live show you might do. Sure! What I don’t want to see live, is a drunk person showing me the inside of a poorly lit bar while screaming out the wrong lyrics to whatever song happens to be playing. As with any new tech/social feature, there’s an etiquette that isn’t exactly inherent at launch, but instead, needs to be learned slowly …

How to Disable Live Notifications

Archived Photos

How to Hide Instagram Posts

If you were thinking about Spring cleaning your Instagram and getting your feed looking more cohesive (or maybe there’s some questionable photos you don’t want to delete but maybe shouldn’t have let be public) Instagram just launched a new feature to make that a lot easier to do called Archive. Now, most people probably don’t need to do this type of clean up, but I know a lot of marketers/social media managers that actually like to scrub through their Instagram once in a while to remove posts that might have seemed perfect when they posted, but now don’t quite fit …

How to Hide Instagram Posts

Giphy on S8

How to Share Gifs to Instagram

The internet is obsessed with gifs. Cat gifs, gifs from TV shows, movies, celebrities making odd faces and more that people now use to post as small animations on the web to further get across the more specific emotion they are feeling (nothing says good job like that Drake gif of him clapping. That’s just correct). And while everyone shares these on a variety of social networks, there’s one that won’t accept them: Instagram. Instead if you try to upload a gif to Instagram, you simply get the first frame/image of the gif and, let’s be real Drake just sitting …

How to Share Gifs to Instagram

Snapchat vs Instagram

The Truth Behind Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

So there’s been a lot of talk this last week about how Instagram Stories has just passed Snapchat for daily users. Part of what’s fueling the headlines is, of course, the fact that Stories are a pretty blatant rip of Snapchat’s core features. And when I say blatant rip, I mean blatant. As in there was no one at Facebook (who owns Instagram by the way) who even made any attempt to adjust, change, or hide the new features. Let me show you what I mean. From the camera: To once the photo is taken: To typing: To even how …

The Truth Behind Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

Instagram Slideshow Update

Instagram Added A New Slideshow Feature, Here’s Why

You might have noticed a new option in your Instagram uploading options recently. There’s a new button that says “Select Multiple”. Essentially, this now allows you to add up to 10 photos or videos in one post. They’ll all share one caption, set of comments, but users can swipe through them and see the other photos. A few friends of mine noticed the change and while there was some initial interest in the new feature they all (including some people who make a living off of Instagram) eventually started to wonder why anyone would want to use such a feature. …

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Instagram Announces Their Long-Awaited, New Explore Page

Instagram has finally achieved what they’ve set out to do. With their revamped┬ásearch and explore features, users are able to view images of events in action┬áand more easily browse through hashtags and geotags. Cofounder and CEO, Kevin Systrom told Wired that, “This is our North Star–what we’ve been shooting for all along.” He describes it as, “A real-time visual pulse for what is happening in the world.” The new Explore page (accessed by clicking the magnifying glass on the nav bar) offers three ways to browse content. First, trending places are displayed in a box across the top of the …

Instagram Announces Their Long-Awaited, New Explore Page