How to Download Other People’s Instagram Stories (iOS/Android)

So I’m not sure I can think of a why you’d want to download someone else’s story necessarily. Maybe you’re a big fan of someone and want a keepsake? I don’t know. But I did think it was super interesting that you even could save someone’s story so figured I’d do a quick tutorial on how to do that for anyone who has a reason to or just wants to see how it’s done.

Essentially, we’re going to use one of two apps, one for iOS and one for Android.

How to Download Instagram Stories on iOS

First up, iOS users can head to the app store and search for and install IG Live (it’s free).

IG Live

Once downloaded, type into the search bar the username you want to check out.

Select Person

You’ll then be shown all of their available story posts and whether it’s a video or photo, whether it has captions, etc.

Tap the Story Image or Video

You can then tap on the one you want to save and then tap the Save button to download it to your phone.

Tap Save

You’ll then find it in your camera roll.

Story in Camera Roll

How to Download Instagram Stories on Android

For Android, there’s an app that works in the same way basically it’s just called StorySaver.

Head to the Play Store search for and download StorySaver.

Install Storysaver

Then open it and log in to your Instagram account.

Log In to Storysaver

Once logged in, it’ll show you a list of stories from the people you follow but you can also tap the search icon at the top right to find other people as well.

Tap on the Person You Want to Save a Story From

Tap the person you want to download stories from, then tap the story image or video and tap Save.


And you’ll find the downloaded photo in the Storysaver folder.

Storysaver Folder

There you go. Let me know if this was helpful and let me know in the comments below what you guys might use this for, again not quite sure but still thought it was interesting to show that it is possible to do.

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  1. Thanks for the lead on the app. The reason I wanted to save other people’s IG stories was because they were promoting a book I wrote and the stories in many instances are extremely well done and very charming. I wanted to be able to share them on Facebook or even back on Instagram, and the app you recommended works.

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