Motorola MOTOSPLIT Coming?

According to sources at Engadget, they were sent a rendering of a new handset dubbed the Motorola Motosplit. This is supposedly an Android device with a Snapdragon processor and a very rare body style.

The phone will open similar to some old Nokias I remember, and will have two flaps each containing half of the keypad open like French doors over the front of the phone (and covering the touchscreen perhaps).

Take a look at the render:

So anyone like the strange body style? Something different I guess right?


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  • mike

    That’s just ugly & looks hard to use

  • the_sleeve

    uhm…in my personal opinion this is a bit strange. Yay for innovation I guess, but I think it would still be quite awkward to type on. Plus, the phone becomes quite large once opened. Hopefully its springloaded to some degree or else I could see it closing while you’re trying to type on it.

  • sir regis

    ummm to me it looks like a slide …. if you look close to the phone on the right it has a circle that might be a camera so that would be the back …. and the front might be open all the time … it makes more sence to me than having to close it all the time slide would be more practical