USA Dell Streak Coming with AT&T AND T-Mobile 3G Versions?

Well, according to the FCC and Dell’s CEO, that’s the case. Dell CEO announced in May that “this [phone] will be available starting next month, first with our partner 02 Telefonica [sic] in Europe, then later this summer with our pretty good partner here in the United States, AT&T”. So that’s about as plain as you can get with a confirmation that the Dell Streak is headed to AT&T and most likely available on contract for a subsidized price.

Regardless, T-Mobile users heard word that the Dell Streak would also be available unlocked via Dell’s website around the same time. The question was though, did that mean unlocked with AT&T’s 3G frequencies built in? Or a different version from the AT&T bound one with T-Mobile’s 3G frequencies built in?

Well, according to the FCC, there will be a T-Mobile 3G version headed for the US.

AWS means T-Mobile’s 3G bands by the way. So that pretty much confirms that anyone on a GSM carrier here in North America will be able to get a version of the phone.

Combine this with the fact that we already have root access on the Dell Streak (and with it the ability to load custom ROMs), and the Dell Streak with a Custom Android 2.2 ROM on it and your GSM company’s 3G frequencies built in and this device sounds pretty good, no?

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  • cranky drew

    here is my question, just because there is a FCC filing for TMO version are there going to build one?

    • TheUnlockr

      Cranky drew,

      It is a high possibility. It is a lot of time and money to get an FCC approval. They wouldn’t get it until they were sure its coming to market.

  • lud

    will rooting the device void the warranty?

    • TheUnlockr


      Yes, but you can unroot to reinstate the warranty in most cases.
      Also I’ve seen companies like HTC actually still honor their warranty with a rooted phone (as rooting doesn’t effect things like keys breaking, sliding mechanisms locking up, etc.)

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  • 100% Cambodian

    since there must be a must sim chip can we just put the ipad sim chip inside???

    • TheUnlockr


      What? You want to put the sim from an iPad into a Dell Streak? The iPad and new iPhone us a MicroSIM (a very small sim card) and they are pretty much the only devices that use this technology at the moment so that tiny sim card that is in the iPad will physically not fit snug in the Dell Streak. Just goto ATT and ask them for a regular aim card and that will work fine in the Dell Streak.

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