Firefox 6 Beta shows up on Android Market

There’s already Firefox 5 available, but it seems that Mozilla has already started working on the next iteration of the mobile browser, Firefox 6.  A beta version of the app has appeared on the Market and clocking in at 14MB, it does seem to be on the hefty side. Here’s what the description says:

New in this release for Android:

  • New initial experience: Firefox starts faster and uses less memory. Get to your home page quickly and discover browser features on the side panels.
  • Higher-quality image scaling: View crisp Web pages and images with less pixelation
  • Enhanced Firefox experience on large screen tablets
  • Improvements to the form helper on Android
  • Fresh visual style on Gingerbread OS
  • Optimization for pages that use right to left layout rendering, e.g. in Hebrew and Arabic
  • Touch Events for better interaction with Web pages
  • IndexedDB allows Web pages to store data offline for faster access
  • Automatic text hyphenation

Personally, I have found Dolphin HD and Maxthon more intuitive than FF5, and consuming less resources, but may be Firefox 6 will win me over.  Head over to the Market on your Android phone or install directly from the web to try.


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