How to Download YouTube Videos on your Android Phone

Found your favorite video on YouTube but can’t download it because there’s no option to download? No problem, here’s how you can download videos from YouTube to your Android phone.

I. Downloading Required Files:

1. Download the TubeMate app from here.

II. Installing the TubeMate App on your Android Phone:

1. Open Menu on your phone and tap the Settings Icon.

Tap on Settings Icon

[ Tap on Settings icon ]

2. From the Settings menu, choose Applications option.

Tap on Applications

[ Tap on Applications option ]

3. Tick-mark the Unknown sources option.

Check-mark Unknown sources

[ Tick-mark the first option ]

4. Now, launch the TubeMate APK file and it will install on your phone.

III. Downloading YouTube Videos on your Android Phone:

1. Launch the TubeMate app from your phone’s menu.

2. Search for any video that you want to download and tap the Search icon.

YouTube Video Search

[ Enter query and hit Search ]

3. Choose any video from the search results and tap on it.

4. Now, tap on the Green Down Arrow icon.

Tap the Green Down Arrow

[ Tap on Green Down Arrow icon ]

5. A prompt will appear with two options, choose the Download option.

Select Download option

[ Choose the Download option ]

6. You will see the available resolutions of your chosen video. Tap on any option to begin downloading video.

Choose Video Resolution

[ Tap on any option ]

The video will begin to download and you can see its status from the notification bar. If you are on a WiFi network, it won’t take much time to finish the download.

You can thank/donate to the original developers of this app over on their official website.

18 responses to “How to Download YouTube Videos on your Android Phone”

  1. Qbancelli says:

    Or you could after installing Tube mate, in Youtube press Share and select Tubemate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Does the App cost?

  3. neko says:

    it says “error: protocol not found.”

  4. i says:

    How do i launch the tubemate app?? Pliz help…

    • Mahesh Makvana says:

      You can use any File Manager app to install the app.

      When it’s installed, simply head to Menu and you should find the icon of the app, just tap on it.

      Hope it helps!

  5. sue says:

    my network is very good but still protokol not found

  6. sue says:

    help me….

  7. raj says:

    hi got a problems thank for ur demo and the think is when i press download it show protocol error
    i have connected to wifi network ….
    help how to solve it

  8. Lwin Nyein Sue says:

    sir,it’s error.I have tried anything to use it but it is always error

  9. zambarfjjf says:

    Bro this shit is not workng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. misukiy says:

    Mine only displayed flv download and that I need a flv player.

  11. Dawie Van Emmenes says:

    Bullshit app.I downloaded and installed it on my phone.It works like magic.Connection and downloads are fast but…when i want to view my videos it show just for a short while and then the video goes corrupt.This is the case with every video that i download.And it shows that the video has downloaded successfullyI even transferred it to my pc and i have the same problem.The size of the video is indeed correct but all videos are corrupt !!!

  12. Krsity says:

    Really great information. I’ve had the same problem with downloading videos from youtube and i stumbled into this article which really helped me to solve the issue. :)

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