Unroot the Nexus 5 (Video) (WugFresh Toolkit Method)

Done playing with your Nexus 5? Maybe you want to send it in for warranty or sell it to someone? Either way, you should unroot it before doing so. Unrooting a Nexus device requires two main steps. Unrooting it, aka removing root access and any custom ROM, and relocking the bootloader, aka telling the device we no longer want to tinker with it. Thanks to WugFresh’s handy toolkit (that we used to root it and flash a custom ROM), we can easily unroot and lock the  bootloader back with a few clicks. Here’s how.

I Before You Begin

1. You must use a Windows computer. The program is only for Windows.

2. You should have already done the How to Root the Nexus 5 (WugFresh Toolkit Method) procedure. If not, head to that procedure and just do sections I and II to install the toolkit and the drivers.

II. Unroot the Nexus 5

1. Open the toolkit (if it isn’t already open).

2. Plug in the Nexus 5 via USB cable (if it isn’t already plugged in).

3. Push Flash Stock and Unroot in the toolkit. Follow any prompts it asks you for until it is done flashing.

4. When the device fully reboots, re-enable USB debugging by doing the following:

A. On your device, pull down the notification bar and tap the icon in the top right to show your quick settings.

B. Tap the Settings icon in the top right.

C. Tap About phone.

D. Repeatedly tap build phone until it says you are a developer.

E. Tap back.

F. Tap Developer Options.

G. Turn on USB Debugging.

III. Relock the Bootloader on the Nexus 5

To get back to completely stock you must relock the bootloader.

1. In the toolkit, tap OEM Lock. Follow the prompts until it is done.

All set you are back to completely stock.

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