How To Switch to a Different MicroSD Card on Android (When Using Apps2SD)

Got Apps2SD, loaded Hero on your phone, or your using Swap and a partitioned memory card with your custom ROM? But what to do if you buy a new memory card (finally get rid of that 2GB for a much more equipped 4, 8, or 16GB Class 6 card)? Here’s how to swap the old for the new.

I. Find a Memory Card that Suits Your Needs

1. First thing is to get a memory card that will do what you need. No need to go to the largest card just because you can. Get the card with enough memory so you don’t get frustrated when you try to put all that you want and it tells you “not enough available space” (also keep in mind that we’ll need 500Mbs for ext2/ext3 and another up to 96mbs for Swap for most ROMs).

2. Class 6 is best. For most ROMs, we use the SD card as part of the system memory and have it run Apps off of it and sometimes use it for virtual RAM (called Swap). So the speed at which our phone can access and write to that card becomes very important to avoid apps not loading quickly or our phone not being able to use the RAM efficiently.
Class 6 (the highest class commercially available at the moment) allows the card to read and write data at speeds up to 6Mbps (hence Class 6) as opposed to 4Mbps and 2Mbps for Class 4 and 2 cards respectively. So when your budget allows, grab a Class 6 card.

II. Swapping Out the Memory Card

1. Save whatever is on your old memory card to your computer as backup.

2. Turn off the phone and turn it back on by holding down home and power to get to recovery mode.

3. Take out the old memory card and put in a new one (while still on the recovery screen).

4. Click on Format SD Fat32+ext2+swap and wait for it to finish.

5. Click on Convert ext2 to ext3 and wait for it to finish.

6. Now, WITHOUT taking the phone out of recovery mode, put all the stuff you have on the computer (that you saved from the old memory card) back onto the new memory card in the phone (either by taking it out and using an SD adapter and your computer, or by mounting the SD card via usb cord and the phone’s recovery screen. Amon Ras newer recovery screens have an option for Mount SD. Once you click that and the phone is plugged in via USB it should pop up as a folder on your computer like normal).

7. While you are copying the backed up stuff to the new SD card, also put on the ROM that you were using and rename it to like normal.

8. Once done, unmount the SD card in the recovery screen (if you mounted it) or put the SD card back into the phone (if you used the SD adapter).

9. Click Wipe Data (you can try to skip this step, but if it gets stuck on a boot loop then come back to recovery mode and click it this time then do step 10).

10. Click Apply update to flash the ROM again.

All done!

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