How To Set Up Internet and Email on Your Unlocked Blackberry

So you’ve just unlocked your Blackberry, but the internet isn’t working? Well here’s how to get it up and running.

I. Send the Service Books

1. Easiest way to do this is to simply call your provider and ask for them. So call the carrier you are using on the phone (NOT the original carrier the phone was locked to, the new one you are using that required you to unlock the phone) and ask for their Blackberry Technical Support department.

2. Tell them to please send the Blackberry Service books to your device OTA (over the air).

3. Wait for the phone to receive the service books.

If the carrier is unable to send them, then use this procedure to get your service books to the phone. If the phone received the service books then goto the next section here.

Alternative Ways to Get Service Books

II. Register Your Blackberry on the Network

1. On your phone goto Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table

2. Click Menu then Register Now.

III. Input APN Settings

1. Goto Options > Advanced Options > TCP/IP

2. Input your carrier’s APN settings. They can be found here:

Internet/MMS Settings

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