Bravo/Passion/Dragon Coming to US in January

HTC Bravo

Ok, so there is a bit more news on the HTC Bravo/Passion/Dragon release dates, including the US 🙂

The rumor is that it will be called the Passion (instead of Bravo) when it hits the US shores in January of 2010. The only unconfirmed piece of info is where it is actually heading. If we were right in our speculation all along then it would be Verizon that is getting the device in January, but at this point it could be going to any of them (or multiple carriers?).

The other part of release date news is that the device is heading to T-Mobile UK in April 2010 and will keep the original HTC name of the Bravo. (Again guys, that is T-Mobile in Europe NOT USA, we still have no clue about T-Mobile USA).

So anyone love this device enough that when it comes to the US next month, they don’t care what carrier it is on, they’re jumping on it?


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  • tk

    Im stuck with Verizon so thats where it damn well better be going hahaha. Is this the final form factor for the US release, Euro release or both? Really did prefer the all touch buttons in the previous leak. All in all, which ever carrier gets this is getting one hell of a phone.

    • Tk,

      Ha, would you switch to another carrier for this phone if it didn’t come to Verizon?
      That image is from the spec sheet from the HTC Lineup leak, the original image we leaked a while back is what I would assume the US version would look like, since that image was taken in the US… but who knows, companies tell HTC to change stuff around all the time right before they release a phone.

  • I really would like this device on T-mobile, I am original g1 user (still love it) T-mobile deserves the best Android phone on the market because it had the ballz to run with Google in the first place. When the droid came out I looked at verizon they charge you for mins, data plan, and text messages. T-mobile you got the g1 data plan it includes text.

  • harry macdonald

    Motherfucker! Just got the Cliq :/ guess I better dump it on craigslist quick.

  • Will S

    I’d prefer it NOT be on Verizon first since they will probably put the “buttons” under the screen like the other Droids… and Verizon has expensive service.

    It would kick if it came to T-Mobile USA with their inexpensive plans and their upcoming faster network.

    That said, I’d be tempted to switch to any carrier EXCEPT AT&T.

  • Fady

    I thought it was already kind of confirmed for verizon from the website?!

  • methodz

    that is odd, i read someone mention and it made total sense that if it goes to verizon it will cannibalize their droid sales. those giant campaigns they were running and all that advertising just to have a phone come out 1 month later that trumps it. I hope it goes to TMO USA

  • tk

    I wouldnt switch from Big Red simply because where Im at thats all there is. That site was debunked a while back. Here is an interesting opinion though that was found on android forums, one which I subscribe to at the moment:

    “My new theory. This phone is supposed to be the Flagship right?

    T-Mo = Passion
    Sprint = PassionC
    Over Seas = Bravo
    Verizon = Dragon”

    …With google rumored to be making an advertising push in Jan, seems they may really just be hyping the Android OS and not some fabled phone.

    All kind of ties together:
    -Multiple carrier rumors.
    -Multiple device name rumors of similar if not same -device.
    -Google making push to assert Android in 2010 with rumored Jan ad campaign coinciding with a flagship android device release.
    -Something that hasnt really been mentioned about the name; Desire? Passion? Hmmm very similar… Desire became Eris on verizon. Passion could become Dragon. Just a random thought.
    -Verizon raised their ETF and mid-late January release fits nicely into that (for them). Also with the BOGO offer on the Eris it seems theyre trying to dump their inventory fast while appealing to the holiday shoppers and reaping some nice rewards (in the form of green paper). As for the other Carriers maybe someone else has some insight on this puzzle. I havent been reading up too much on that aspect as I am stuck with Big Red so thats where my concern lies.

  • Y314K

    TheUnlockr: “UPDATE: I think its confirmed coming to Verizon in the US guys… check it out:

    Thanks Fady!

    That site was debunked back in November shortly after it come online… I belive a version of HTC Passion will be release to TMobile & Verizon in Jan. but this site is fake…

    Peeps that don’t pay close attention keep posting that link over and over and over all over forums… It’s getting tired by now…lol

    • Y314K,

      Thanks! I was looking at it and wondering why they would be so quiet and then put up a site with their logo on it, seemed a little weird lol Taking it down.

  • Biggles

    This makes sense as a mid-January release for Verizon. That would put it a month beyond this past weekend’s BOGO, and I’m sure with very little official talk between now and then, there will be few if any returns. At this point, releasing the Passion in January will have no more effect on the Droid than, say, the Omnia II did on the Imagio. Besides, qwerty vs. non-qwerty – different target audiences.

  • dave

    Since we’re guessing at names, I think its going to be DROID NIOS on Verizon. I know that going by desire/eris it would technically be more like passion/nois but that doesnt work as well! At least Nios means like a volcanic lake or something! sorry, its late, nyquil, too much blog reading…

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  • I believe that the dragon is the part of the main reason why T-mobile is doing what they are doing. Why is T-mobile in such a rush to upgrade their 3g service? Are they expecting a bunch of ppl to switch? Why would they switch? I know the Dragon! or *cough* the Iphone

    • Wondercguy,

      Im not sure that would be a sole reason (but who knows). The other reason is that T-Mobile has been behind on 3G for a while now, so playing catch up and then passing the other carriers is a good way to gain a good reputation back and get some data intensive customers.

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  • JackCrackerMan

    I’m crossing my fingers for the Bravo/Passion/Dragon to hit T-Mobile in some variation or form.

  • VR

    COME ONE T-MOBILE!!!!! if it comes im getting it! please come to tmobile. pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

  • Y314K
  • crimmage

    Im really hoping that sprint gets this phone but i havent heard any rumors. January would be great especially because it seems that the moment/hero will be stuck with 1.5 for awhile.

  • fkabibil

    if you look at the htc leaked names HeroC(CDMA) = Sprint and they also mention the Desire which is the Eris so then PassionC has to be Sprint if they keep to the same codes

  • StephenSaurusRex

    Wow, I cant believe this:

    And almost as shocking, is the fact that Arrington fails to mention that raygun01 (aka Jason Howell) is the same Jason Howell from CNET’s Buzz Out Loud podcast…

    otherwise, a twitter post wouldnt be worth this post

  • Y314K

    Well screw this phone…lol

    ““Supposedly, Google employees were given tons of these phones today. unlocked,””

    ““Stuck in mass of traffic leaving work post last all hands of 2009. ZOMG we had fireworks and we all got the new Google phone. It’s beautiful.””

    ““A friend from Google showed me the new Android 2.1 phone from HTC coming out in Jan. A sexy beast. Like an iPhone on beautifying steroids.””

    Me wants… I just hope HTC makes it’s Sense UI available for purchase or it’s already included on the GPhone… Or if not XDA’rs can hook us up…


  • Y314K

    “when Google starts selling this thing, prepare for some of the strangest – and coolest – times in mobile we’ve ever experienced.

    What do we know? It’s an HTC phone – probably the Passion, a distant cousin to the beautiful HD2 – with large touchscreen. It’s GSM unlocked and everyone at Google has one so whatever the super secret specs are, they won’t stay super secret for long.”

    I hope they up the screen size… Cause if they don’t then all they are selling is a google branded HTC Bravo which would be lame…lol

  • Y314K

    TheUnlockr: or anybody else… If you have some contacts at google… It’s time to wake them up… And ask them for a show &

  • StephenSaurusRex

    @Y314k TRUE!!!

    this phone keeps getting lumped in w/ the google phone… curiouser and curiouser…

  • dave

    so what to make of the news that the bravo is coming out in March (according to engadget on jan 14)?

    • Dave,

      Doing a post on it today after some research 🙂