Bravo/Passion/Dragon Coming to US in January

HTC Bravo

Ok, so there is a bit more news on the HTC Bravo/Passion/Dragon release dates, including the US 🙂

The rumor is that it will be called the Passion (instead of Bravo) when it hits the US shores in January of 2010. The only unconfirmed piece of info is where it is actually heading. If we were right in our speculation all along then it would be Verizon that is getting the device in January, but at this point it could be going to any of them (or multiple carriers?).

The other part of release date news is that the device is heading to T-Mobile UK in April 2010 and will keep the original HTC name of the Bravo. (Again guys, that is T-Mobile in Europe NOT USA, we still have no clue about T-Mobile USA).

So anyone love this device enough that when it comes to the US next month, they don’t care what carrier it is on, they’re jumping on it?


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