Nexus One Full Specs Revealed. T-Mobile 3G, no AT&T 3G?

Someone has let out the full spec sheet of the Google Nexus One:

Most of this we were already aware of but take a close look at the 3G frequencies… don’t see it?

Well it says UMTS bands 1/4/8 or in other words, Band I, Band IV, and Band VIII.
Well, Band I of UMTS is 2100mhz and Band VIII is 900mhz. These are pretty standard in any HTC device, but Band IV is the interesting one to have in there. Why? Well, Band IV is 1700mhz. And unlike the other two that have multiple carriers that use them, 1700mhz is ONLY used by one company in the world; T-Mobile USA. (Oh, and the new Wind Mobile in Canada that just launched…)

Now, who knows how this will end up but as it stands now, the Nexus One will have T-Mobile USA 3G built in and will NOT support AT&T 3G.
Wonder why? Anyone?

PS Another interesting feature I just noticed is N AND A Wireless support under WiFi on the spec sheet. They want to make sure you can access any WiFi hotspot around, eh?


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