Nexus One Full Specs Revealed. T-Mobile 3G, no AT&T 3G?

Someone has let out the full spec sheet of the Google Nexus One:

Most of this we were already aware of but take a close look at the 3G frequencies… don’t see it?

Well it says UMTS bands 1/4/8 or in other words, Band I, Band IV, and Band VIII.
Well, Band I of UMTS is 2100mhz and Band VIII is 900mhz. These are pretty standard in any HTC device, but Band IV is the interesting one to have in there. Why? Well, Band IV is 1700mhz. And unlike the other two that have multiple carriers that use them, 1700mhz is ONLY used by one company in the world; T-Mobile USA. (Oh, and the new Wind Mobile in Canada that just launched…)

Now, who knows how this will end up but as it stands now, the Nexus One will have T-Mobile USA 3G built in and will NOT support AT&T 3G.
Wonder why? Anyone?

PS Another interesting feature I just noticed is N AND A Wireless support under WiFi on the spec sheet. They want to make sure you can access any WiFi hotspot around, eh?


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  • Wes

    I’m curious why they wouldn’t include AT&T’s frequencies as well. But what gets me is that under Cellular & Wireless in the table above it also states that GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) so to me it looks like it does include AT&T’s frequencies. Sure, even if it just includes the 850 band, that means that in 2010 it will have 3G on AT&T anyways because they are planning on moving their 3G off of the crowded 1900 MHz spectrum.

    • Wes,

      The GSM/EDGE frequencies have nothing to do with 3G. It has 850mhz GSM/EDGE but NOT 850mhz 3G. They are different. So you will be able to make phone calls and use the EDGE internet speed, but will still not get 3G.

  • @theunlockr So you’re saying that UMTS band 4 is always 1700? If so, why does it saw AWS up there? Just curious, I’d love for this to come to t-mobile. Then I can get it for a discount haha.

    • @the_sleeve

      Correct, Band IV is 1700mhz (google UMTS Bands and you’ll find the list of all the bands).
      AWS is the technology that we use on 1700mhz so that is why it is there (although why they didn’t just put 1700mhz, I have no clue).

      Lets be clear with one thing, just because a device has a company’s frequencies in it does NOT necessarily mean that that company will be picking it up as one of their own phones (see the Xperia X10, the Nokia N900, any N series device, etc.)
      Just means that if you buy it from the manufacturer or a slew of other unlocked phones retailers, that you will get 3G.

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  • Comfox

    There is another carrier that uses AWS (1700MHz) and that is Wind Mobile in Canada.

    • Comfox,

      Oh ya, forgot about them. They’re just so new 🙂

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  • Y314K

    Well I wonder if the Nexus One will have the HD video playback the the HTC Bravo will…

    Hope it does…

    Would love to pay $200 or less for a $500-$600

    • Y314k,

      Where do you get this idea of it costing $200? lol

  • Y314K

    TheUnlockr: $200 is just a figure thrown out there if google decides to subsidize the phone themselves… Pricing is unknown right now… And if the Nexus One will cost the same as the HTC Bravo then we might as well get the HTC Bravo with full multi-touch in the browser…

    Seems the only thing that will make this phone something better then the HTC Bravo would be the price & quicker upgrading since no Sense UI to wait…

    • Y314K,

      Google subsidizing the device? Hmm that’s a concept that would be interesting in itself.
      For Google to subsidize the device in anyway, they would have to be making money off of your monthly plan somehow, involve a contract for a time period as to when they would make up their subsidized amount of the phone (if they are making $5/month and subsidized $200 off on the phone, you would have to have at least a 40 month contract for them to recoup that).
      The other option that would be more likely (although still probably not going to happen) is if they just cut a deal with the carriers and the carriers subsidize the $200-$300 off the phone for them and get it back themselves by requiring a contract for you to buy the Google phone on their network.
      Would be interesting to see either way 🙂

      Too be honest though, I would expect the phone to sell no contract and cost $500-$600 just like any other HTC unlocked device. But you bring up a good point, Google should find someway to subsidize the device or they will have a harder time selling the phone here in States…

  • Y314K

    Heck, if it’s by invitation only.. And it’s free it would be even

    Accessories and all….

  • Y314K

    Still don’t understand why it would only have 2x zoom on the cam…???

  • Y314K

    TheUnlckr: Well, I guess we are just hoping & grasping at straws that something is special enough to make sense why is google releasing this particular htc phone to more then just developers… If it is not different then what HTC was going to release already… I don’t understand what is the point of google selling the Nexus One on a wider scale then their unlocked developer phones… Unless this is their canary in the mine…

    – No White Channel (No Free Wifi)

    – No Data Only (No VoIP only)

    – No Low/Free Pricing (No different then any other contract price with TMobile – $200 in contract/$450 out of contract )

    – No point of getting this phone….

    The HTC Bravo has an optical pad & 720p recording & Adobe Flash support(now not later) & Sense UI & better cam zoom… If both phones are gonna cost the same in & out of contract, then what’s the point of this phone… One can just turn off the HTC Sense if that’s not u’r thing… The only other difference I can think of is being able to upgrade to the latest build of Android directly from google from a download instead of having to wait for the new Sense UI from HTC thru the carriers… But that is not a big deal since one can just root it and stick an even better Frankenstein Rom from XDA…

    Like I said back in Nov. This phone seems to be a me too type of device… Seems google wants to get into the selling hardware very slowly… Which means we probably need to stay away till the 3rd or 4th gen of google device releases… Unless there is something we don’t know yet about this phone…

  • Y314K

    The reasoning for the low price expectation is that the phone manufacturing is believe to be around $150 for a large order…

    If that amount is right on the manufacturing of the phone… Then google can choose to sell it directly for $199…

    Now whether googles order with HTC is high enough for that pricing per unit & whether google will choose to sell it at cost or very near cost is unknown right now…

    But that is why $199 unlocked & out of contract keeps getting thrown out… Just speculation…

    • Y314K,

      There is no way they will sell the phone for $200 no contract, regardless of manufacturering cost (and HTC would never sell them a phone for $150). would HTC sell them a phone that cheap and destroy sales of their own Bravo, Passion, etc that they will sell for $500-$600.
      Your getting wishful at that point, my friend lol

      Im also curious what will be the benefit of the phone as well with the specs and pricing most likely similar.
      Only thing I can see Google going for is that it will be updated and controlled by Google, so no more waiting for Android updates from the carrier, Google will send them out immediately. But for us who root, that isnt a big advantage.

      Well have to wait for more info as always lol

  • Y314K

    yeap… Just trying to make sense of it… lol

    Since we don’t know anything from the inside regarding price… This is just wild speculation from the

    Hopefully we will learn more during CES Jan 7-10…

    More wishful

    All we got for now…

  • Y314K

    First vid of the Nexus One recording video + other info by someone that isn’t scare of Google since he doesn’t work for them… But they gave him the phone at a conference…lol

    Enjoy… Not a great steady vid but I think it has the most info so far…

    Min. 2:15 – For some reason he thinks on TMobile he can get Data without having data activated on his TMobile Sim card… Wonder if he will have a bad surprise on his next bill or if he uncover something better… FREE DATA… No idea… But I think bad surprise on his next bill sounds right..

    Min. 3:20 – You can see the 4 Doc Pins for HTC’s Doc with Bluetooth… It’s 4 small contact pins…

    Min. – 3:55 – He mentions that he got the phone at a google conference & that he doesn’t care to post the vid since he doesn’t work for Google & there fore can’t get fired for posting it…

  • Y314K

    Min. 2:15 – re-listened to it… Someone else mention he was probably talking about not needing the Data Plan if one uses Wifi with TMobile… So, he seems to be talking that you can activate the phone with TMobile with a Data plan or without a Data plan… Since it has Wifi… I read to much into it… He is just happy he is not force to get a Data plan when he got his out-of-contract sim card from TMobile after he got his Nexus One…

  • Y314K

    Min. 3:20 – You can see the 3 Doc Pins for HTC’s Doc with Bluetooth… It’s 3 small contact pins + a mic hole on it on the bottom…

  • Y314K
  • Y314K

    Right… Seems google wants his foot in the door without much drama… It is still a very nice phone… I am even liking the UI less setup it has… The game changer will come later once white space tech & vo-ip gets added to the 2nd or probably 3rd gen of this device… Just speculation on my part but I think by next year the game changer will on it’s way… I hope..