The Same Game Played on Windows Phone 7, Windows 7, and Xbox 360

At the TechEd Middle East show, Microsoft’s Eric Rudder, shows a simple Indiana Jones games running on all three devices. Not only can all three devices play the same game (that all share 90% of the same code), but you can start playing on one and then pause and finish playing on another platform.

Not the most amazing game, but it is a great proof of concept. The ability for the three different devices to play the same game with 90% of it’s code being the same and being able to have the platforms share information seamlessly (needed for the pausing and replaying on another platform) is definitely a great step in the right direction. It’ll be interesting to see some multiplayer or more complex games demoed…

Any hardcore Xbox Live users slightly intrigued by the concept?


  • remixfa000

    now if they can get a game of worms2 running on that and xboxlive at the same time for some multiplayer i will be thouroughly impressed.