Windows Phone 7, HTC Mozart, Coming to T-Mobile US? Releasing in Australia in October?

So according to WMPowerUser and some people on XDA Developers, Windows Phone 7 is right on schedule for their “holiday” release day. In this case, I’m guessing the holiday is Halloween?

As pictured above, we have what seems to be an image of a Telstra roadmap (Telstra being an Australia cell phone carrier). According to the source of the document, it is showing an unannounced device by HTC called the Mozart, which is running Windows Phone 7, costs $49 on a contract, and is supposed to be arriving in October.

Now, if you look closely, you’ll notice its a crappy photoshopped HTC Desire with Windows 7 UI pasted on. Even with that fact though, Engadget states that a reliable source of theirs named Coinflipper is confirming that the HTC Mozart DOES exist and not only will it be coming to Telstra, but it is also slated for release stateside on T-Mobile USA.

Anyone excited about a low budget Windows Phone 7 device?


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