How To Create a Live Wallpaper (Updated 03.21.12)

Want to make your own live wallpapers? No problem.

I. Before You Begin

1. Go download and install the latest version of Java SDK (JRE and JDK) on your Windows computer.

Download the JDK and install it

II. Open the Program

1. Download the program:

Live Wallpaper Creator Script (Link updated March 21st, 2012)

2. Extract it to somewhere on your computer.

3. Right click it and select Run As Administrator.

4. Remove the n01 – n20 images (leave the icon) and save them somewhere else on your computer if you want to keep them.

5. Put the images you want to use into the “placeimages” folder and make sure they are .png format and they are the same resolution as the phone’s screen you want to put the live wallpaper on.

6. Now rename each image as n01, n02, n03, etc (those are zeros not oh’s) until you get to the last image you want to use. (They will show up in the order you set them starting with 01 and going to 100). You cannot put more than 100 images in this folder.

7. After you hit enter it will ask you how many images you have, this number NEEDS TO BE IN HEXADECIMAL (so 20 = 14). Go to to convert the number of images to hexadecimal. Then put that number into the command prompt and hit enter.

8. Enter a name for the wallpaper then hit enter.

9. Enter a description for the live wallpaper and hit enter.

10. Enter a package name (the name of the .apk file it will create), no spaces or any characters that aren’t letter or numbers. Then hit enter.

11. It will now create the .apk file and you can find it in the folder you extracted the Live Wallpaper Creator .zip file to. Simply transfer it to your sdcard of your phone, then install it using a file manager like Linda File Manager and select it by clicking on Menu > Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers > and choosing the live wallpaper you created.

12. Enjoy!

Thanks to Daneshm90 for his awesome live wallpaper creator script!

  • Spectral

    Its okay putting the Live Wallpaper on the Android Market, will it be aproved? Has the essential scripting that Android Market Staff Requests to be aproved?

  • This looks like a great tutorial , I been dying to try it out , but I cant seem to download the link. Does anyone have the link , or know of where I can download the script ? Every place I go sends me to the same xda forum page .

    Thank you 🙂

  • Kingoftheworld_87

    I have made a nice animated wallpaper but it does not fit my screen (HTC Desire HD).
    Any solutions?

  • Kingoftheworld_87

    I made a wallpaper and tried to publish it to the market but I get this:

    Market does not
    accept apks signed with certificates issued by Android team. Create a
    new certificate that is valid for at least 50 years.Market requires versionName to be set in AndroidManifest.xml.How do i overcome this????

  • Kingoftheworld_87

    is there anyway to remove the sign and apply your own??? been trying for ages as i want to publish to the market!

  • Eanava213

    Awesome Guys! I did this and it works great!!


    Unable to download the script from

    getting the file removed for violation error from

    The site link
    is also not working.

    Please guide as from where to download the script.

  • Strangermachines

    My resolution is 240×320 but when i make an apk with images of that size, the wallpaper comes out zoomed in on part of the animation. how do I get it to fit the screen? the settings are already on “small”.I tried a couple of other sizes but its still zoomed in on the same part of the image.

  • I’m seriously thinking about writing and actual app to do this. Can’t believe no one has done that yet, not talking about a phone app, but a java desktop app. Then it would be cross platform. 😛

    • scart molotov

      Let us all know if you do, would be VERY usefull

  • Ray

    Hi also having trouble downloading  Live wallpaper script could anyone send me the script as the download link is broken.
    My email is     

  • Thanks for the live wallpaper different from animated wallpaper using photoshop?

  • BBQman

    You can’t download the Live Wallpaper Creator Script anymore (File removed for violation) 🙁

  • BBQman

    You can’t download the Live Wallpaper Creator Script anymore (File removed for violation) 🙁

  • Christian Martell

    Can someone that has already downloaded the script make it available for the rest of us to download ? I have tried the links provided , I have tried googling , but have come up with nada. 

  • Anonymous

    the link for the script has been removed…can you reupload?

  • i will send ya the files :)

    after download the script please unzip the files in one folder than will works greatly !

  • Salrips

    live wallpaper creator script removed from mediafire…..ah
    mani rips

  • Annaonfiya

    i cant download the java jdk! help!