How To: Unroot the Motorola CLIQ XT / Quench


I. Bring the Phone Back to Factory Spec

1. Download RSD Lite, and the Firmware File for your specific model and save them to your computer:

RSD Lite

T-Mobile USA Original Firmware
TIM Brazil Original Firmware
Generic Chinese Original Firmware

2. Install RSD Lite on your computer.

3. Extract the firmware file somewhere on your computer.

4. Plug your phone in via USB cable and make sure USB Debugging is checked ON.

5. Open RSD Lite and push the “…” button then select the shx / sbf file from inside the firmware .zip file and push Start.

6. It should flash the firmware, and once done, you will be at a stock version of your phone.

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  • tlm

    I did everything step by step and when I press start….nothing happens.

    • Omar

      When using VISTA this method did not work. It did work when using XP on my laptop.

  • michael

    Same problem here. Rsd doesn’t even acknowledge the phone is plugged in. Running windows 7 32 bit. HELP!

  • Michael

    OK got this workring and flashed! thanks!

    im running win7 32bit. after installing rsd. find the rsd icon on the desktop PRESS AND HOLD SHIFT! RIGHT CLICK WHILE HOLDING SHIFT DOWN, CLICK RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR! when rsd opens click config then device id options and select first come first serve! should be working after that!

    • Nathanialleggs

      tried advice still don’t show device using rsd lite 4.5.7. with windows 7 (32 bit) PLEASE HELP

  • tlm

    I am running Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I can get it to show run as Admistrator but when I click on config it is not giving me the device id options. I am using RSD 4.1. I really just want to get this flashed so any help you can give would be great. Thanks

  • The solution to all of your problems is you need to turn off device and boot in USB mode. You do that by
    – holding the power and menu key while phone is turning on
    – also you must have the correct drivers downloaded you can get those from motorola
    – then once RSDLite is booted as an administrator then plug in phone and the device should be listed
    ( it may take a few times to have the process go threw though )

    • Passionzrose

      thank you

    • fauxhawkmcnelly

      Works like a charm — thanks, Benjamin.

      Just make sure you:
      1. Register with ModMyMobile to download the firmware.
      2. Boot in USB mode
      3. And use Run as Administrator

  • Marc

    will my warranty still be voided or will it be back to normal?

  • Chuukah

    make sure you download ans install the motorola cliq xt drivers.

  • Btbaker2008

    Why can’t I download the files off of the modmymobile site? It says I may not have permission?

  • Computer_easy

    this is not working!!!!!! the RSD don’t regonize the device that plug it

  • Computer_easy

    this is not working!!!!!! the RSD don’t regonize the device that plug it

  • Computer_easy

    this is not working!!!!!! the RSD don’t regonize the device that plug it

  • QuenchonATT

    Where can I find Rogers Canada Original Firmware for Quench?


    How can I do this if when my xt boots it blue screens

    USB FastBoot: V0.5
    Machine ID: Zeppelin 0a00
    Build Date: xxxxx

    Serial Number:

    ** Security on, fastboot disabled **

  • Kuruptionizbak

    ok so i tried all the little trouble shooting and nothing is working… is there another program that can be used or am i just screwed…
    here is my info

    Windows 7 64 bit
    motorola cliq qt

  • So my phone was already unlocked and unbranded. if I flash it back using one of the t-mobile firmwares, will it be locked to t-mobile?