Universal HBoot Security Off (S-OFF) for Use After Visionary Method (Updated 09.29.10)


This procedure has been redone for each specific phone. Please head to our Android How To’s section and click on your specific phone. You can then see the S-OFF procedure for your particular model, please use that instead of the one that was here. Thanks!

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  • Louisdeluna

    Please help theunlockr, I’m on set 5 here and everything was going good till I had to type in the last part. I am getting a error right after I hit enter after inputing the last line, I’m getting the following:

    /sdcard/root/hboot_dhd.nb0: cannot open for read: No such file or directory

    What should I do at this point??? Please help and thanks again.
    P.s. I did everything you said to do to the letter so I don’t know what to do next at this point.

    • Louisdeluna

      P.s. mytouch 4g sorry!!

    • Hello,

      Sorry about that, the line there should have been dd if=/data/local/hboot-eng.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 I have fixed it. Try again.

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  • Jay

    the g2soff .zip files are empty when i download them, something wrong with megaupload of my pc?

  • Dijana Jakeska

    Hi guys,

    One stupid question, this is fot t-mobile g2, not t-mobile g2 touc (aka htc hero)?

    do you have this procedure for t-mobile g2 touc (aka htc hero)?

    and when S-OFF that means that the phone is SIM-unlocked?

    you know that t-mobile g2 touch is locked to t-mobile, and i thnk that S-OFF actually means that the phone is sim locked….

    I am on S-ON now on my g2 touch aka hero…. if you have procedure for unlocking, it would be great…. i mean free 🙂

    Best regards,


    • Not for the G2 Touch. We call that the Hero on this site 🙂 So just click on How Tos at the top of the site, then Android, then Hero.

      S-OFF means security off on the bootloader, has nothing to do with SIM card locks, they have nothing to do with each other.

      If you want to unlock your Hero, you need to buy an unlock code from an unlocking website, then put in an unauthorized sim and it’ll ask you for the code.

  • Steve Cav465

    Unlockr: What do you mean when you say to enter the DD line for my phone? I have a mytouch 4g, what should that line look like?


    • This line: dd if=/data/local/hboot-eng.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18

  • Steve Cav465

    Unlockr: What do you mean when you say to enter the DD line for my phone? I have a mytouch 4g, what should that line look like?


  • Steve Cav465

    Thanks for your response. I typed my dd line and received an error that the file could not be opened for write. Any ideas?

    • Go back and start over then and be VERY careful when typing things in etc.

    • Go back and redo the Visionary method and try again.

  • Steve Cav465

    I figured it out. I wasn’t granting SU permission while I was typing in the command prompt. I kept my phone up, granted access and all worked out well. Thanks again.

  • S3oodan

    hey what about HTC desire HD ??????

  • Anonymous

    Okay, when I get to su, it says permission denied. (Mytouch 4G 2.2.1) At the adb shell command, it spits out a “$”…shouldn’t it be a “#”?

    I used VISIONary r14 and have the Superuser app in my apps menu, is there something I missed? Thx.

    • Kelkoumiti

      Have you found a solution to that? I’m having the same problem

  • When I type su in command prompt. i get a a message saying permission denied. What should I do?

  • Aabray

    When i type the dd line i get this

    2048+0 records in
    2048+0 records out
    1048576 bytes transfered in 0.465 secs

    This was not described in the walkthrough. What am I doing wrong?

    • Read step 6… it definitely does tell you that that was supposed to happen and what to do next.
      Good luck!

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  • every time i try and “adb push hboot-eng.img /data/local/” it come back that it cannot stat that file…. dunno.

  • Okay i’ve gotten a little farther, when i get the ADB shell command line it shows a “$” instead of a “#” not giving me full SU access. any ideas?

  • Two things, make sure the file is named correctly and that it is in the tools folder of the Android SDK. Then try again. Good luck!

  • Which phone?

    • Djpena21

      i get this on my g2

    • my Touch4G… and i actually figured it out via another site. the “insmod” line and “dd=” line have to be entered from the Term Shell on the phone. Not via ADB/Pc.

      • Nice! Added it to the procedure, thanks for posting!

  • Samiazix

    After i do su and i grant permissions when i type in in insmod/data/local/wpthis.ko it says not found please help

  • i followed the instructions and it reads “vision pvt eng s-off” on the top line in reboot but when i turn the phone back on and go to the terminal emulator and type su, permission is denied…why?????

  • Carlos Guzman

    T-Mobile G2, when typing”su” in terminal emulator, it says permission denied, everything else worked up to this point

  • David Nguyen

    So if you don’t do this Hboot security off, is it mean that you won’t be able to flash any custom rom or backup your current rom? (Mytouch 4g)

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  • Correct, these newer phones all need S-OFF to be able to flash anything.
    We’re getting a MyTouch 4G ASAP to do it’s own separate videos for by the way. Should be up this week sometime…

  • David Nguyen

    If I successfully finished this procedure and flash a new rom, then would the system be changed and could I still be able to get any OTA update (after re-flash stock rom and unroot)?

    • Unrooting will literally put you back as if you never did the procedure. So you’ll get OTAs just fine. To be honest though, you should never unroot just for an OTA. When OTAs go out someone makes a custom ROM based on it generally well before you’d get the OTA yourself. So its faster and better to just flash the custom ROM.

  • Sarvadaman Singh

    I have nexus one, Whether this method will work for that also???

  • Rpsweb

    I dont see any s-off procedure for the htc hero?

  • Joe Joc29

    i followed the instructions to the t for s-off on my touch 4g but still nothing, s-on is still there. if possible, could i get some help with this situation thanks joe.joc  

    should the hboot and microp #’s be different than mine
    my hboot=0.86.0000