Foxconn shipping Apple iPad 2 in February with an April 2011 launch

With the current version having already sold a whopping 6.1 million devices and still selling hot, Apple is already is prepping the next iteration of the popular device and will be ready to ship out from Foxconn, the designated manufacturing company for the iPad 2, in February 2011.  An estimated 400,000 to 600,000 devices are anticipated to be shipped starting February 2011, with a release in April 2011.  Seems like a small number, considering the fact that Apple is selling a million iPads a month currently, but according to Digitimes, a site with its finger on the pulse of the Chinese electronic industry, the second wave of production will be further ramped up to suit the market needs.

If you didn’t know already, the iPad 2 will not be as revolutionary as the original, being more of a tweaked iPad with a front-facing camera (FaceTime support), a three-axis gyroscope, retina display, and may be a USB port if we are lucky.


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