How To Get the New Android Market on Your Phone

I. Before You Begin

1. If the apk doesn’t work for you you can easily uninstall it like any other app.

2. This apk is touchy and doesn’t work on all phones, so give it a try.

3. IF the apk doesn’t work, try the format and flash it via recovery.


II. Download and Install the APK

1. Download the New Android Market 2.2.6

Android Market 2.2.6

2. Plug your phone in via USB cable and mount the sd card so you can transfer files to it.

3. Copy the .apk file to the root of the sd card (NOT in any folder, just on the sd card itself).

4. Unplug the phone.

5. Download a File Manager from the Market (Linda File Manager Free is good).

6. Open the Linda File Manager and navigate to the SD card and click on the .apk and follow the prompts to install it.

7. Enjoy!

Thanks Artem / Android Police for sending this in!


    Since I deleted android market by accident, this was a lifesaver thanks (:

  • Yeah, doesn’t work on my N1 running CM6.1RC1. I’ve just nandroid’. Think I’ll attempt the flash. *crosses fingers* >_<

  • foxdie

    works fine on mytouch 4g

    • Jerrymneal

      trying to run on mytouch4g keeps foreclosing after i flashed…….whats the secret to get to work?

  • Uninstall and reinstall it.

  • Towneriver

    Ok I have a Droid Eris and I tried to install it like a week ago and it didn’t work and I’m running android 2.1and today it randomly poped up when I didn’t do anything when you said the market only works on android 2.2 but i still only have android 2.1

  • Towneriver

    hi my name is river and i hae a rooted droid eris runnung android 2.1. i tried to install the market about a week ago but it didnt work because i have android 2.1.But today i was on the market and got out and baack on 5 minutes later and i have the new market pictured as above and i still only have android 2.1. i will make a video showing you soon within the next few days but for now this is all i can tell you. And just to tell you im only 15 but you should still take me seriously. I hope this information canhelp you and i hope you will message me back how this might have happened. Thankyou

  • The file we had only works on 2.2, no clue about the actual update from Google… interesting that they sent it to you though. Cool!

  • do i need to be rooted and will it work on the droid incredible

  • Try it.

  • Eakhirome

    Wow I just put this apk on my sd card and it uploaded itself without me running it. Android FTW

  • Eakhirome

    Wow I just put this apk on my sd card and it uploaded itself without me running it. Android FTW

  • Ajmalsha007

    let me know that it will work on xperia x10 (Android 2.1)

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  • hey when will i get the auto update?…(2.2 Frozen Yogurt)

  • i can’t use it on my phone as i can’t put sd cards in my phone i have no slot on it to put them in i wish you could just send the market to your phone by saying what your mobile number is and them smsing it to you or you could do it on your computer.

  • SvenAarne Serrano

    It crashes on my HTC Wildfire.  I have no idea how to “update zip format, flash this via recovery,” can someone explain this step? Thanx

  • SvenAarne Serrano

    It crashes on my HTC Wildfire. ” I have no idea what “update zip format, flash via recovery” step is, can someone explain?  Thanx