iPad Mini surfaces in Taiwan in the hands of a race car driver

If not for what he is holding up in his hands, you may never know that the guy in the picture is Jimmy Lin, a Taiwanese race car driver.  While Steve Jobs is busy building the iPad 2, Jimmy decided to reveal what Apple might be fabricating behind closed doors, the iPad mini.  The picture was posted by him on Sina, China’s answer to Twitter’s microblogging, boasting about his “new mini iPad.”  As for the reliability of the picture and the rumor, we would advise you to take it with a grain of salt, as there are already many cheap, Chinese iPad knockoffs and this could be one of those.

Until the claim is verified, we’ll let Jimmy have his fun with his “new mini iPad,” but what do you guys think?  Is this the iPad Mini or not?  Feel free to sound out in the comments section below.


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