Official Gingerbread ROM leaked for Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Don’t start rejoicing already, as the leaked ROM seems to be only for the Asian and European versions of the original Galaxy S device.  The 250MB heavy file has been posted on the ever famous XDA forums by a user, who originally found it on a Polish Android forum where it surfaced.

While we know we have a lot of adventurous flashers (?) in our reader base, we ask them to proceed with caution before getting the ROM on to their I9000 or better yet, wait until David verifies the authenticity of the ROM before proceeding to the usual wipe, erase and update.

But that said, we are pretty sure our devs over at XDA are hard at working for porting the update on to a Vibrant/Fascinate/Captivate/Epic near you and we should be seeing a modified but official version of the it (complete with TouchWiz 3) very soon.  Until then, check our ROM section for more stable, tested releases.


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