NoDo update for Windows Phone 7 now en route

Microsoft has started rolling out its first major update to its brand new operating system, Windows Phone 7, from Tuesday, the company announced.  Taking a sly stab at Google’s first ever update, version 1.6, this version is known in MS’s inner circles as NoDo (as in No Donut).  With the update comes the most-missed feature on a WP7 device – copy/paste – among other things.  It also adds support for CDMA devices, improves the search feature on Marketplace while fixing a few bugs in the process.  Also included is support for tombstoning – a feature which allows apps to remain in a paused state until it is invoked for use again.

No detailed timetable has been given as to the NoDo rollout in the US or elsewhere, so WP7 users will have to keep their eyes peeled to catch that notification icon and connect to a PC nearby to complete the update process.



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