HTC Sensation might launch on June 8th

The device was unveiled in all its glory last week but as always, HTC and T-Mobile failed to announce a proper release date for the beefy Sensation.  Which leaves us to nitpick every minute detail that is available on it right now.  TMo News was apparently thinking along the same lines when it did a simple search on “HTC Sensation” and guess what popped up – a Google Adword ad stating the release date as 8th June (Google has now changed it “Coming Soon”).  Solidifying this little detail furthermore is the product mockup on the Sensation’s showcase webpage, which shows the same date in its resplendent Sense 3.0 style.

The date may seem too far off for many but June has been a recurring date from the start, back when the device was codenamed the HTC Pyramid.  Whether June 8 actually points to a European T-Mobile release or stateside, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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