How To: Encrypt the iPhone Tracking Data So Other Programs (and People) Can’t Use It

So you saw all of the tracking information that Apple keeps from your iPhone? You want to do something about it? Well, you can either jailbreak the device and then remove the phone’s ability to be tracked altogether, or you can do this procedure to encrypt the tracking data so that other programs (or people) can’t use it so easily. This can give you a little piece of mind without going through all the hassle of actually jailbreaking the phone.

I. Before You Begin

1. This simply encrypts the backup. It does not stop it from tracking you, BUT it does make it harder for other programs (or people) from seeing the tracking data.

II. Encrypt the Backups

1. Plug your iPhone into your computer.

2. Open iTunes if it isn’t already open.

3. Click on the iPhone under Devices on the left hand side.

4. Under Options, check off the box that says Encrypt iPhone backup.

5. You will be prompted to put in a password at this point, put something in that is hard for others to guess (obviously). That’s it!

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