Devs working on Cyanogenmod 7 for the HTC Thunderbolt

Miffed about the Thunderbolt not coming with Android 2.3 out of the box?  Feel let down by Verizon/Google at the long, arduous wait to be endured before finally getting Gingerbread on your powerhouse of a smartphone? It’s devs to the rescue again and thanks to the efforts of slayher and toastcfh at XDA, Thunderbolt users need not wait any longer and can get a far more customizable version of Google’s latest OS update.  But all’s not well yet, and in its current cooked pre-alpha form, the Thunderbolt CM7 port has its shortcomings, which in the chef’s own words are:

-USB Tethering does not work.
-Phone Testing menu does not display correct radio options. If you play with it, you will have to relfash a Stock based rom to 4G back.
-Possible Data/Voice bugs and issues.
-Possible Mic issues on phone calls (try a reboot)
-GPS is more than likely screwed

The above means that the basics of the ROM are yet to be covered, but fret not as it’s still a pre-alpha build and we should expect a lot more improvement in the coming weeks.  Feel free to try it anyways but do remember that the standard safety/warranty disclaimers apply, as always.

Source via XDA Portal

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