Android 2.3.4 update to roll out in the next few days, brings GTalk video chat

One of the most popular features expected of Gingerbread was the ability to video/voice chat on GTalk, but strangely the feature was missing when the Android 2.3 update first came out.   But better late than never as they say since the search giant has now announced that it will be including this feature in the upcoming 2.3.4 update with the video chat feature included, scheduled to be rolled out in the coming weeks.  The first of the Gingerbread devices to be getting this latest update will be the Nexus S, with the others to follow soon.  We are not sure if the Nexus One will be worthy of the update too, given the lack of a secondary front-facing camera, but we’ll have to wait and see about that.

For now though, Nexus S will get to enjoy video chatting over WiFi/3G while other phones look on in envy.


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  • Emerson

    Well this may be a new thing for some people but of course Nokia users have enjoyed video-calling for some 5 or so years already. It turned out that the majority of people were not that interested !