How To Tether Your Android Phone without Needing the Market or Root

Apparently, Verizon and AT&T users can no longer find tethering apps in the Android Market (thanks to Google hiding them from those devices after being bugged by the carriers to remove them). So for those users, here’s how to still be able to tether without needing the Android Market.

1. Download the PDANet apk file and save it somewhere on your computer.


2. Transfer the .apk file to your device’s SD card or internal storage.

3. Download a file manager from the Market if you don’t already have on (Astro File Manager is a good, free option).

4. Install the apk by clicking on it in the file manager app.5. Open the app and click on the tethering method of your choice (Bluetooth or USB).6. Download the tethering desktop program to your computer from PDANet.

PDANet Desktop Program

7. Run PDANet on your computer and follow the installation instructions.

8. Plug in your device via USB cable to your computer.

9. Done!

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  • Jojo54

    dont work for htc inspire wont install pdanet to phone unfornately

    • Defeedme

      you have to use the astro file manager to install the apk manually.. works great – thanks for this post.

  • Highriskbeer

    what if i want to tether an ipad or tablet? 

  • turd

    you say you dont need the market then what is step 3???

    • Tazd579

      You don’t HAVE to download a file manager from the Market either.  It just makes it easier to get.  You can still download one from the web to your PC, transfer it via USB to your Android device and then install it that way.  Lot of hassle though, when you can just get it from the Market.

  • 77yankee

     This is absolutely awesome. I tried paying someone to root my phone, and even went on youtube.  Ended up  totally frustrated.  I just knew there had to be a way though.  I would hug you if I could for the instruction.  You have renewed my faith in mankind is a species worth living.  Forever grateful.

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  • Stamboulio

     How do I know it has worked without finding a nasty bill at the end of the month?

  • Cherylcrabtree

    can someone please tell me what a apk file is and how do i get it? I have pdanet installed on my computer already i had to get a refurb. phone because my old/new one was a piece of crap. Please help!!! Thanks.

    • Hesan Haghnazar

      the apk is the installer file for your phone.  if you can copy it to your sd card you can just open it.  two things. to copy it use ur usb cord and connect to your computer and drag and drop the file. then on your phone download a file manager.  open the file manager and open the file, it will autoinstall

  • jthomash2

    anyone know if this works for Droid Eris on Verizon?

  • I dont understand why I keep reading Verizon and att are blocking tethering apps, although I downloaded easytether just fine from the market, and I’ve used it recently. My mom also has pdanet which is working great. nice blog by the way… found u guys on craigslist. my first blog ever went live apr 28, check me out at 411droid dot com if u get a chance. cheers

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  • Erdisi

    how can i do the oposite? i want to use my macbooks internet on my S2 through the usb cable is this posible?