Virgin Mobile Adds New Motorola Triumph for Summer Release

With the pre-paid cell phone industry robustly steaming ahead, Motorola announced today that they would join Virgin Mobile with a new device, the Motorola Triumph. The Triumph appears to be extremely close in build to the Motorola Droid but slimmer and without the slide out keyboard. Motorola acknowledged that the device was not the final production unit (at today’s Motorola and Sprint press event) and we could see some improvements before the release.

The Triumph has a 4.1-inch WVGA display, a 5-megapixel camera and a front-facing VGA camera, will run Android 2.2, and is the first phone of its kind to come with Virgin Mobile Live 2.0. Virgin Mobile Live is the music and entertainment stream available on Virgin Mobile websites. It allows users to access music, interviews, and remixes 24 hours a day. Also worth mentioning, the Triumph will come with HDMI port, a 1gHz processor, and 2GB of on-board memory.

Virgin Mobile and pre-paid customers alike can look forward to a new low cost Android device with high specs being made available to them. The exact launch and pricing have yet to be confirmed.


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