Motorola Mobility Reconfirms DROID Bionic Summer Launch

Motorola announced in April that consumers would have to wait a little while longer for the DROID Bionic and promised a summer launch. Now that summer is here we’ve yet to hear of an exact launch date.

The good news is Motorola confirmed the summer launch timeline through a tweet recently. Motorola’s Mobility division stated this on their official Twitter account,

 “Hang tight, DROID Bionic is coming and slated for summer release. Our team is working on some new updates.”

It’s not clear what the new updates entail, but we do know the device appears to sport a  redesign of Motorola’s MOTOBLUR  interface.


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  • Tylerzimmick

    i can wait it better be GSM FOR Gubal

  • That tweet has been issued several times over the past two months so that’s nothing new.  It’s amazing how someone picks up on just one of those tweets and everyone writes about it.  Motorola is just keeping with what they said in April.  They can still delay it again if they encounter problems with the new Bionic since the old Bionic introduced at CES is now a phone that will never be released,  It would be cool to have one of those phones though.  

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