FTC Antitrust Investigators Set The Focus On Google’s Android Operating System

Antitrust investigators with the FTC have settled their focus on key areas of Google’s business sectors including the Android operating system and web search services. The FTC’s concern is that Google might be preventing various smartphone manufacturers that use mobile operating system from using competitors’ services. In addition, the FTC is reportedly investigating whether or not Google grants preferential treatment to its own services over services provided by the competition.

News of the investigation resulted in a seemingly confused Google corportation. The search giant stated that while they will fully cooperate with the investigation, they were not clear why the FTC was concerned. Google continued to remark that they will push forward by continuing to follow their five pillars, “do what’s best for the user,” “provide the most relevant answers as quickly as possible,” “label advertisements clearly,” “be transparent,” and “loyalty, not lock-in.”

Read more coverage on the story as reported by the WSJ.


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