‘Women Only’ Handset HTC Bliss Makes A Cameo At The FCC

HTC’s rumored ‘women only’ Bliss handset made a debut at the FCC this Friday and appears to be headed straight for a spot on Verizon’s lineup. As Verizon seems to be carrying numerous global-capable phones, the HTC Bliss houses CDMA 850MHz / 1900MHz bands, WiFi and Bluetooth, and a GSM 900MHz radio.

All though additional device specifics remain unclear at this point, we can expect the Android 2.3 device to be marketed heavily to female consumers. With an estimated September 29th launch date we shouldn’t have to wait much longer until we hear more about this undoubtedly stylish handset.

Update: XDA Developers obtained a leaked Verizon mailer with an image of an unannounced HTC phone which may be the first image of the HTC Bliss. Continue on to the XDA thread to read more coverage.


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