GameStop Selects Android as Operating System for their Gaming Tablet

When GameStop announced their intentions to bring a gaming tablet device to the consumer market back in the Spring, their choice for an operating system was still unknown, until now. The video game retailer has officially announced that they have selected the Android platform as their OS of choice. While device specs for the tablet currently remain scarce, what we do know about the device sounds interesting.

The tablet is expected to come out of the box with numerous pre-loaded games and a cloud-based gaming platform. Consumers in a Dallas test market had a chance to play with the tablet in its beta version, citing the slab to have a built in custom controller. While gamers may have a hard time picturing playing some games on a tablet with their fingers, we’re sure the tablet will have many Android and gamer fans alike giving it a second glance.

GameStop has yet to announce pricing or an exact launch date for the device.


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