Apple Asks Court to Place Motorola Mobility Patent Lawsuits on Hold Until Google Acquisition is Complete

Apple recently asked the court to press the pause button on their current patent lawsuits against Motorola Mobility. So why ask the court to put a halt to their ongoing patent war? According to FOSSPatents, Apple believes that the pending Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility will eventually result in Motorola Mobility relinquishing their patent rights.

As it stands today, the Cupertino based tech giant is involved in 21 patent suits with Motorola Mobility. Apple is asserting 15 patent claims and Motorola Mobility is asserting 6 of their own. Apple’s main concern is that once the Google acquisition becomes final, the results (good or bad) of the potential court hearings would then become null and void. Apple explained further,

“Were Apple to prevail in this case it risks an attack on its victory on appeal by a third party, whether Google or another Android smartphone manufacturer, contending that the judgement should be overturned due to a lack of prudential standing.”

Google remains firm in that their acquisition of Motorola Mobility will only strengthen the Android platform and enable the company to defend it with greater vigor against companies like Apple.


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