Sony Ericsson Shows Support to FreeXperia Dev Team

If you can’t beat them, then you might as well join them right? Well, it appears as though Sony Ericsson understands this sentiment as they have shown their support to the FreeXperia dev team recently. FreeXperia is widely known for their valiant efforts to bring Cyanogen Mod 7.1 to various Sony Ericsson devices.

According to the Sony Ericsson blog, the company has provided the group with 20 phones, in addition to debugged and rebuilt camera library binaries to ensure a proper user experience. If that wasn’t cool enough, Sony Ericsson hopes to extend this support to all developers under a special EULA in the future.

Sony Ericsson still reminds its users that unlocking the bootloader on a device will still result in a voided warranty. Nevertheless, at least the company is willing to show the open developer community a little love through this gesture.


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  • SE rocks!! Really appreciate this decision.. my arc will try Cyano 7.1