Unlocked iPhone 4S Available Now Through Apple’s US Online Store, Starting At $649

For anyone who was waiting around for Apple to offer up an unlocked, contract free version of the iPhone 4S, then this is the news you have been looking for. While US consumers won’t be able to officially hold their commitment-free iPhone 4S for “one to two weeks,” it sure didn’t take Apple long to add the iPhone 4S to its unlocked club. Apple began selling unlocked iPhone 4 devices approximately five short months ago. 

So how much will the unlocked freedom cost? Apple is offering up both the black and white iPhone 4S handsets in either the 16GB for $649, a 32GB model for $749 and a 64GB variant for $849.

The unlocked phone enables users to utilize any micro-SIM from any GSM carrier worldwide, but is not ideal for CDMA carriers like Verizon or Sprint.

If you’re interested in spending some cold hard cash this weekend on Apple’s latest unlocked gem, head over to their online store now.


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