Developer Creates Third Party Proxy Server for Siri, Creates a WiFi Thermostat Controlled By Only Voice Commands

Now that the source code for Apple’s personal voice controlled assistant has been set out into the wild, hackers everywhere have been diligently at work to help Siri evolve past the iPhone 4S. It appears Siri just may take on a life of her own as a developer has now created his own third party proxy server with only Siri’s potential in mind.

The developer, known in hacker circles by his Twitter name @Plamoni, released a video clip that demonstrates the proxy server in action.  @Plamoni utilizes a plug-in to control a WiFi thermostat with only voice commands. According to @plamoni, the hack does not require users to jailbreak their iPhone 4S, but it also won’t allow Siri to be ported over to earlier iPhones or iPod Touch models as it currently stands. The hope with this particular hack it to pave the way for other developers to experiment and build upon Siri’s functionality and potential.

Check out the demo video for yourself, and tell us- is this something you’d like to have?


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