Leaked Verizon Ad Prices the LTE Galaxy Nexus At $200

No official release date or pricing has been confirmed for Verizon’s LTE variant of the Galaxy Nexus, but a new ad has leaked giving us a glimmer of hope that a launch lies within the near future. The ad prices the Android 4.0 enabled smartphone at $200 with a new two year contract. The $200 is at least lower than what previous rumors had the device priced at.

Oddly enough the ‘Learn More’ link on the flash ad has yet to be activated, but the url has a November 29th launch date included in it. Regardless of if the ad holds credibility, we only have a few more days left to find out if the November 29th launch date is legit, so wait we will.



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  • Ameedi600

    I went to the Verizon store and they said the official release date is Dec. 9.