T-Mobile adds WiFi calling to the Galaxy S2 via update

After the HTC Amaze 4G’s update recently, T-Mobile is showering the same kind of love on the Samsung Galaxy S II variant available on its network.  This update, like the one for the Amaze 4G, also adds WiFi calling among other fixes to improve battery life and caller ID.  The number to look out for is T989VUVKL1 to know if you are updated or not – of course, the base OS will stay at Android 2.3.5.

You know the drill on checking manually for updates if you don’t see the prompt already but you might want to give a bit more time before going ape and calling up T-Mobile about it.


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  • Anonymous

    my update came through at 4am… my phone was playing some guitar techno music and woke me up. of course, im rooted so when you select to download and it restarts your phone, it foes into recovery and never actually updates. as soon as i can get samsungs AWFUL kies program to actually work, im going to update that way…

  • Qwerty56789

    updated T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 to androind 2.3.6 with wifi calling and it took out the root after update so how can i Reroot back any idea please help really appritiate

  • Frankensteinflyy

    I got the update at 3:30 an I went from 3988-4009 on the quadrants to 2500- maybe 3500 so boooooo to this update bring on the ics I pray that fixes the problem reminding you I’m nonrooted!