LG Optimus ME P350 gets a CyanogenMod 7 ROM

While this mid-range device may not have been the most coveted device when it released last January in terms of features, it did come affordable and it did come with the then-standard version of Android, Froyo 2.2, which were its main selling points. Exactly a year down the line now, the device is old and still stuck with the same Android 2.2 OS that it came with, but XDA member, pax0r, seems to have a remedy for this.

He has released a modified version of the Gingerbread-based CM7 ROM and although in the beta stage currently, the build is deemed ready for daily use. The only snags currently seem to be the inability to play videos and for users to see previews of their pictures, which seems to be a small nag, since the camera works perfectly fine for taking pictures.You can head over to the relevant XDA thread if you own this device to give it a new lease of life and be sure to follow the instructions carefully if you don’t want to run into problems.Source

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