How To Trick the Android Market into Thinking You Are in a Different Country

This tutorial will show you how to trick the Android Market into thinking you’re in a different country in order to download applications that are available abroad.

Before You Begin:

  1. You need to have a rooted Android device.

I. Download Files:

  1. You need to download “MarketEnabler.apk” for the application itself, you can find it in Android Market or in external links.

II. Install the Market Enabler Application:

    1. First you must make sure your device allows for non-Market applications to be installed. From the home screen on your phone, press menu > settings > applications > make sure that “Unknown Sources” box is checked.
    2. Using any file manager, locate the MarketEnabler.apk file you downloaded and install the application.
    3. Download and install it directly from Android Market on your device.

III. Use it:

  1. Access the application’s Country List and tap in whatever Market Country you want.
  2. Once registered in that country you can notice the Market`s differences.
  3. To undo and come back to your country, all you need to do is either reboot or go in to the flight mode.

APK Direct Download – Source

Good luck!

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  • Guest

    Store link is dead

    • Thanks for letting me know. Added a direct link to the apk.

  • sylgrant

    Thank you for this, it solves a problem I’ve had for quite some time now. 🙂

  • Usman

    any idea about enabling Google Play would be great. We used this enabler with market but that wont work with Play.

    Any suggestions

  • Daniel Abundo