How To Send and Receive Emoticons (Emoji) From iPhones on Your Android Phone

Maybe your friends with iPhones are a tad bit obsessed with those little smilie faces, hearts, buildings, etc. that they can send each other and frankly, you want to get in on the action. Problem is, you have an Android device and so whenever they try to send them to you you just get a blank text. So why can’t you have the fun of sending your friend a tiny beer or food item? Don’t fret, we can help. Here’s how you can get those little emoticons (emoji) on your Android device.

I. Download and Install a New Messaging App

1. Head to the Android Market on your phone and search for the Go SMS Pro app (it’s free).

2. Once you find the app, click on it and click install.

II. Install the Emoji Plugin

1. Search through the Market for Go SMS Emoji Plugin (it’s free).

2. Once you find it, click on it and click install.

III. Setup the Messaging Apps

1. Now, just to make sure text messaging works properly, head to your original Messaging app that you normally use for text messages and open it.

2. On the screen that shows all of your open text conversations click Menu then Settings.

3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and turn OFF the notification settings. This is so when you get a text you dont get two notifications; one from the Go SMS app and one from the original Messaging app.

4. Then replace all of the shortcuts on your homescreen you used to use for the Messaging app with the icon for the Go SMS app so you can use it in place of the normal Messaging app.

IV. Using the Emoji

1. Whenever you want to use the Emoji, simply open a conversation with someone in the Go SMS app.

2. Hit back if the keyboard has popped up.

3. Click on the second icon from the left (the first icon is for sending emoticons to other Android devices), and then choose from any of the emoticons (emoji) within there and send away. *Keep in mind that that second section will only work when sending to iPhones and will deliver blank messages to other Android users.

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  • laura ochoa

    hello i’m having some trouble trying to take a screen shot with my emoji plug in… i was wondering if maybe you could help me out…? id really appreciate it.

  • laura


  • nick

    I can send emoji and see them but not recieve them